Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 YAY!!!

Happy holidays, everyone!!! So sorry, I haven't been keeping tabs on this blog for so long (and I still have that Dr. Champ Finale Recap/Review to work on.. gah!).  Hey, I'm just glad that Blogger hasn't deleted this blog yet inspite of its month-long inactivity.  Things have been so crazy and hectic, particularly with the final exams and the winter storms that have been raging the East Coast these past few days.  And the Christmas Parties and family gatherings/reunions... they don't seem to end, do they?  

Anyways, one of my new year resolutions will be to do my best to keep on writing and posting articles for this blog.  So here's hoping I can stick to that.  Hee! :D  

A blessed new year, guys and gals! This 2011, make the sky your limit! :D


  1. What's happened 2 U?

  2. Where have you gone!? I love your reviews!! Please post again!