Sunday, August 1, 2010

Queen Seon Deok - Third Review

Aigoo!!! (Hee... I love saying that!)  A lot of things have happened since I've made my last review.  Let's see... Deokman reclaims her title as a princess, Chun Chu returns to the palace with dubious motives and acts like a complete jerk towards Deokman, Smirky has yet to resolve his mommy issues, and Yushin plus all the Hwarangs join a competition for the selection of the next Pongwolju.  I've tried googling the definition of this term but I have yet to find any clear meaning.  So in my opinion, a Pongwolju is a prestigious and powerful title bestowed upon the leader of all Hwarangs (Silla's royal army) thereby gaining their allegiance.  Alas, the selection process is not that easy.  The contest consists of three rounds and Bojong easily wipes out the competition in the first event.  The second set is much more cerebral requiring the Hwarangs to search for the three meanings of Silla.  See, this is the reason why I'm so lucky to have been born in the 20th century.  Whenever you need to do some research, you just google, copy, paste, print, submit.  Of course, as there are no computers in the (when is this drama set?)... Ahem, as there are no computers during their time, Yushin and Deokman would have to burrow through old archives, peruse voluminous scrolls, set interviews, and study exhaustively.  In short, old-school research! :-)  Yushin wins this event with Deokman's help.  Yay team!!!  

The third round is like the WrestleMania of the Hwarangs. Smirky unexpectedly joins this event (which is unfair if you ask me).  The series of matches goes on for days until at last, it's a smackdown between Yushin and Bidam for the finals!  Smirky originally planned on just throwing in the towel and giving the victory to Yushin so he merely "waltzes" throughout the fight, much to Yushin's ire.  (Yushin:  Fight like a man or you're dead!")  Alas, the judges see through Bidam's intentions and disqualifies him.  In his stead, they place Chilsuk (double unfair!!!).  Now, this guy may be old but he is definitely one of the most bad ass soldiers Silla has ever produced and Yushin after numerous grueling matches, is now beaten-up.  Yushin wins the match on a technicality anyway.  He was able to hit Chilsuk in a critical area in the stomach and had he been using a real blade, he would have killed the old Hwarang in an instant.  Everyone explodes in jubilation for Yushin (even Bojong!!) but the poor guy was already completely knocked down to even realize his victory.

Finally, more DEOKMAN-YUSHIN moments!!!  Yes!! :-)

Of course, knowing Mishil and her Legion of Doom, they won't let Yushin just walk away with his title easily.  Gah, these people!! They blackmail him, accuse him of fomenting and supporting a rebellion, and threaten to kill his family and people. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Yushin finally makes the ultimate sacrifice and agrees to marry some random lady belonging in Mishil's clan but not before having an intimate and heartbreaking conversation with the princess wherein the two finally acknowledge their feelings for each other.  (Deokman:  Just because I never told you, [you] think I never had feelings for you?

And so, the wedding goes on.  For all I know, Yushin and his bride could be related or something.  Almost everyone in this drama marries off distant relatives anyway.  They should be thankful their children don't develop pig tails.   

Holy kimchi!!! Is it just me or is this the SADDEST wedding ever?  With the exception of Mishil and Lord Misaeng, almost everyone looks so grim and morose.  This is supposed to be a happy event but it seems like they're getting ready for a funeral.  If I were in this wedding, I'd kill myself.  And poor poor Yushin, he's got this dejected look that says, "Oh my God! I'm really doing this."  Deokman; after giving herself a good cry ("I could not even utter... tell Yushin Rang what I feel about him."), skips the wedding, and goes to the Gaya.  See, even  Yushin's people can feel the princess' pain.

Nonetheless, in spite of the recent heartbreak, it seems like nothing has changed between Yushin and Deokman's relationship.  He remains to be the princess' closest confidant and trusted adviser, much to the chagrin of Smirky.  At one point, Deokman even teases Yushin about how he never gave her a break during her days as a trainee (ah, simpler times) and he just laughs it off.  Smirky is totally green with envy!! Hah!!  Eat your heart out, Bidam!!!  Similarly, when she discovers that Mishil has assigned Yushin to be Chun Chu's tutor, thereby lessening his time for her, she cleverly assigns Smirky to take on Yushin's role.  LOL, this is so cute! :-) The pair along with their alliance, also goes head to head with the Legion of Doom on trade, agriculture, property rights, income distribution, expenditures, land reform and taxation -- basically the whole gamut encompassing Economics 101 and gives us an excellent crash course on how the law of demand and supply works.

And speaking of the devil, who knew Chun Chu would turn out to be one of the most complex characters in the show?  A master manipulator in the guise of a carefree and simple-minded teenager, no one would expect this little punk to stir so much trouble in the palace, create dissension among the Legion of Doom, and use Mishil's power to his own advantage, thereby even making the latter doubt her own confidence.  Chun chu, as much as I hate you, being able to dupe Mishil like that, you have got some serious moxie.  Clap clap!!!  Uh oh, now everyone has to pay and suffer Mishil's wrath!!! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!      

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