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Dinner Dinner, Uh... Chicken Winner: Dr. Champ Recap/Review (Episodes 5-6)

I watched the fifth episode of Dr. Champ two days ago and I was able to catch the sixth one yesterday, and honestly, I can't remember for the life of me, the events on those two installments.  All I know was the writers finally decided to throw us; the Lee Do Wook-Kim Yeon Woo shippers, a bone and I was dancing and squealing with joy! AHHH, VICARIOUS THRILLS!! I was so happy that I wanted to kiss the writers in the mouth.  Naturally, those awesomely insane shipping scenes (swoon swoon swoon!) were the only ones that were retained in my mind and I can't remember anything else.  So, I decided to rewatch both episodes today.  Okay, Viikii do your thing! 

Episodes 5 and 6 are all about dinners - missed dinners, dinners with schmucks, and uncomfortable dinners.  So I cordially invite you to join me as I chew over the "menu" Dr. Champ has to offer this week - serving up awkward jokes, nosy colleagues, situations ripe for War of the Roses, and all the drama associated with loss, wounded consciences, and unrequited love.    

All right, where did we leave off?  Right, the issue on doping. So apparently, it's a rule that an athlete cannot take drugs, medicines, IV fluids etc. a day before the competition.  And of course, the fundamental laws of K-drama dictate that our tenderhearted heroine has to break this rule.  Naturally, the medical board discovers this infraction and after much banter, they finally decide to hand-over the verdict to the "doping" athlete.  Much to our relief, the athlete defends Kim Yeon Woo's actions and saves her butt.  Unfortunately, all this medical racket damages our compassionate doctor's rep and worse, Lee Do Wook is sorely disappointed with her.

Our sweet athlete,: Park Ji Heon tries, like REAL hard to cheer Yeon Woo up.  Nonetheless, the doctor is too distracted and seems to be more concerned with Do Wook.  She doesn't even give him proper attention and scoffs at his playful antics.  Oh Yeon Woo, have a heart, will you? :)  He then suggests, "Perhaps, you do like that man?" referring to the medical director.  Yeon Woo remarks, rather rudely, "From now on, don't concern yourself  with my feelings because I don't have any feelings of wanting to be comforted by you!" Yowch!

So, Yoo Sang Bong learns about Ji Heon's older brother's death and he's all pleadingly apologetic for being such a big jerkbag to him, but Ji Heon keeps giving him the cold shoulder.  Furthermore, we also find out that the two athletes were BFFs waaay back in high school.  The writers are totally gearing us up for a MAJOR BROMANCE!  LOL! I say, bring it on!  I mean, if women can share tender moments, hug it out, and even show gasploads of gooey, sloppy emotion to each other; why can't men do that as well?

Plus we get loads of scenes such as these:

Team Judo cleverly devises a way for Sang Bong and Ji Heon to meet and resolve their conflict.  They banter, they bicker, until finally; after a rollicking alleyway "adventure", they set aside their differences and rekindle their friendship.  Both seem to be very happy with this outcome and even the usually stoic Sang Bong is all, "I love you, man!"  Sigh, I want their bad bromance.    

Ah, tender bro-ments.  Team Judo is equally ecstatic, especially Super Junior, "What a great sight!".  Right-O! 

Olympic Village.  Yeon Woo receives a call from the medical director.  He asks her if she remembers his house. You mean that sad looking house on the hill? Suuuure.  He wants her to fetch him before she goes to work in the morning.  Apparently, he wishes to bring over some of  his "old" books (which all seem to be recently-bought and never been read, if you ask me) to the hospital.  He then chances upon a mug shot, er... an old picture of him and Kang Hee Young tucked in one of the books.  Weepy song in the background.

Next day.  House of Lee.  Yeon Woo is all jittery as she enters Do Wook's Fortress of Solitude.  Umm, Lee Do Wook, there's such a thing called a hairbrush, you know?  She asks him why he decided to leave his post at Johns Hopkins and the smartass doctor is his usual sarcastic self, "I'll tell you that on your 100th day of work, although I do not know if you can last 100 days."  Hee! He also compares Yeon Woo to a two-hour movie - all he has seen so far, is a minute.  Nevertheless, if he doesn't see anything remotely interesting after the first five minutes, he won't hesitate leaving the theater.  Augh, all the allegory is killing me!  Still in a mischievous mood, he even flirts(?) with her, "I'm going to change clothes.  Don't even think about peeking!"  LOL!  And then he does his signature Tsk! Smirk.  Yeon Woo is all "hmmph" and tries to imitate his smirk.  So cute!

Do Wook goes to his bedroom to change.  Don't cut... edit... that... Gah, TV editors are such wet blankets! 

Cut to our heroine browsing some of the medical director's books.  Her gaze darts to his bookshelf and one particular hardcover catches her attention.  She turns its pages and as she does so, the Do Wook-Hee Young happy-happy, shiny picture slips out.  But before she could pick it up, the director hastily grabs the picture, tucks it into the book, and slams it shut.  He becomes all snippy, "This book is off-limits."  Oooh, aren't we suddenly cranky?  He returns the book to the shelf and as he does so, something passes between them as they almost brush against each other.  Yes, it's all In The Mood For Love here and Yeon Woo is completely mesmerized and enthralled.  The pace becomes languid and all the Lee Do Wook-Kim Yeon Woo worshipers in the world, including yours truly; are induced in a hypnotic trance as this brief moment unfolds in rapturous, exquisite delicacy.  Sorry... I'm just so happy here!  I'm almost crying!

Must. Stop. Rewinding. This. Scene.  

Taereung Olympic Village Hospital.  Revelations! Revelations! We finally get to see some of the medical director's back story; courtesy of the head nurse's hazy-bluish flashback.  Turns out he used to be a speed skater but some freak accident has rendered him paralyzed

One of Yeon Woo's female patients tests positive for STD and the poor athlete is distraught.  She pleads for Yeon Woo to keep the matter a secret, knowing that if word gets out, she could kiss London 2012 goodbye.  After thinking it over, Yeon Woo agrees to discreetly treat her.  Uh, oh... The athlete gets a shot of penicillin.  I sense a disturbance in the Force.  

Again with the Jacob.  Clearly, Taereung has a shortage of T-shirts.

Meanwhile, Ji Heon tries to visit our home girl but bumps into Do Wook instead.  The doctor is clearly getting on Ji Heon's nerves and he knocks him off balance.  Okay, that's gratuitous and downright rude, Ji Heon.  I know you're supposed to be jealous and angry at Do Wook.  But shoving a handicap?  I think that's a bit too much, buddy.  That's. Not. You.  

Ji Heon hears a loud THUD and sees Penicillin Girl fall on the ground.  Setting aside his black moods, the athlete rushes her to the hospital - Do Wook not far behind.  Everything then goes ER mode with the medical director calling the shots - EpiPen STAT! IV fluids STAT! Pressors STAT! Respiratory support STAT! Lunch STAT!  STAT STAT STAT! 

Yeon Woo rushes to the ER and seeing her patient on the brink of death, volunteers to do CPR.  Thankfully, Penicillin Girl revives and everyone exhales sighs of relief.  Of course, the medical board learns about this incident and Yeon Woo's head goes back to the chopping board.  However, instead of revealing her patient's secret, Yeon Woo stays true to her word and refuses to divulge anything.  

As expected, Ji Heon desperately tries to find out any means to save his amore.  He talks to Penicillin Girl and kindly asks her to tell the truth.  Finally, after much prodding, Penicillin Girl admits everything to the medical board and the balance of the Force is restored.

Hallway.  Do Wook reveals that he knows about the STD "issue" all along, "I'm a pretty skilled doctor."  He and Yeon Woo have THE TALK.  He is clearly frustrated at her, "Does that mean this place has no meaning to you since you were going to give it up just like that?"...

And equally impressed, "You asked me before if I regretted my decision for choosing you.  I think your five minutes are up.  It's not bad.  The stubborn character is quite interesting.  This is a compliment."  And for the first time, Do Wook gives Yeon Woo a sincere smile.  Of course, Ji Heon sees all this.  OMG OMG OMG! 

The schmoophy music swells.  I fall in love with you...

New Episode.  Sweet humming song in the background.  Do Wook and Yeon Woo are apparently still in "the moment".  The medical director decides to have dinner together and nope, he's not paying. :P

Park Ji Heon is almost close to unleashing his green-eyed jealousy monster and subsequently fakes an indigestion, praying earnestly to the gods that the dinner gets somehow delayed or canceled.  He then tries to put the moves on Yeon Woo who flat-out rejects him and kicks him on the shins.  He's so lovely and adorkable! Haha!  Ji Heon's plan works - the medical director decides to wing dinner and Yeon Woo goes back to her empty apartment and to her sad bowl of ramen.

Another ordinary day at Taereung Olympic Village.  The two physicians discuss doctor-y stuff while Do Wook helps himself to some yogurt.  That' s so House. Hee! But like I've said before, I'm totally okay with that.  Anyways, he gives her a cup of yogurt (Wow! Ain't he sweet?) and then tells her to eat half of it and put the other half on her face, coz her eye bags are all a-showin (Wow! Ain't he a jerk?).  

Judo practice.  Holy hallucination, Ji Heon!  Have you been smoking peyote last night?   

Dinner dinner dinner dinner, Batman! The hospital staff basically puts our home girl in the hot seat, badgering her with all sorts of annoying and awkward questions as if she's the only person on the table, and she drowns her sorrow with some good old booze.  Bad idea!  

More more Lee Do Wook-Kim Yeon Woo moments!  Woot!!!  We're on a roll, people!

Yeon Woo gets drunk and stupid and Do Wook patiently listens to her weepy blabber.  She admits that she (hic) has been trying her darndest to earn his acknowledgement and respect and if he'll excuse her, she needs to (hic) get herself drunker.  She staggers and falls on his arms - drunk as a skunk! The music swells, the camera spins at all crazy angles - swooping and circling around them!  Awesome!

Lingering shots of the medical director's cane which has fallen to the ground.  Is this some kind of metaphor? Ahem.  Of course, some eejit has to ruin the moment, "Did you call a taxi?" triggering my murderous rage.   

Car.  Yeon Woo's head falls on the doctor's shoulder, rather unglamorously if I may say so.  He gets all melancholic as he remembers a similar scene with Kang Hee Young in happy-happy land a decade ago, when everything used to be bright, shiny, and saccharine. 

The two physicians meet the next day.  They're supposed to be going to a seminar which will be held on some   hotel overlooking a beach somewhere.  She gets all flustered and embarrassed as she tells him that she doesn't remember anything from last night (Really?) and uh, maybe, Do Wook has forgotten all about it as well?  "Why won't  I?  I wasn't the one drunk," he replies dryly.  Ahaha! Point!  Lee gets a phone call and it's battle of the exes again!     

One of Kang Hee Young's star athletes refuses to get himself examined in the facility and Kang is basically enabling the arrogant prick to do whatever he wants.  Very much peeved, the doctor warns; Fine, whatever.  But if anything happens to him, don't expect me to come rushing to his side - like when he's having a cardiac arrest, there's no way in hell am I going to give him CPR.  (Okay, I'm exaggerating here.)  He then promptly leaves.  Yeah, Do Wook you show 'em!

Team Judo schools us in the art of beach frolicking and reminds us that team bonding is supposed to be fun, Fun, and nothing butt FUN!  Yep, life's a beach.

Our two physicians arrive at the hotel and sensing Do Wook to be a wee bit upset, Yeon Woo invites him out for a walk in the beach.  The medical director comments that he finds it difficult to walk in the sand.  She offers her arm for support but he declines - it would make him feel like a grandfather.  LOL! They sit on the sand and Do Wook opens up to her, little by little.  These scenes are so poignant, melancholic, and just beautiful.  Ahla mer.  Qu’on voit danser.  

Team Judo spots Team Medic.  Hey jealousy!  On the bright side, Yeon Woo finds out about Ji Heon's frantic efforts to save her behind and tells him that she earnestly appreciates his help.  Judo boy's heart goes a-flutterin' all over again! :P

Aw, shucks!  Of course, the soon-to-be-rivals have to be roommates!  The doctor and the coach exchange pleasantries, "Oh, you're fabulous!", "No, you're fabulous!" and they're all very courteous and sociable towards one another until one of them mentions Lee Do Wook.  Naturally, the medical director chooses this perfect time to enter the room.  The friendly air then gets cold and sullen.  Ice ice baby!

And then it's House of Flying Daggers in the elevator.  God.. this is so awkward!  Do Wook and Hee Young exchange terse and snippy remarks with Yeon Woo stuck between the two feuding parties; feeling all sheepish and totally out of place.  

She then remembers the picture and everything becomes clear!

Ji Heon, you are so persistent!  Our Taereung VIPs then proceed to go to possibly, one of the most painful and awkward dinners in television history.  Kang Hee Young even decides that her love life, or lack thereof (subtle hints aimed at Do Wook) is an appropriate conversation to have in front of everyone.  Wow, I can't wait to see what they'll discuss over supper.  Pained awkward silence!  Pass the whiskey STAT!    

Sad saxophone background music.  Do Wook and Hee Young finally get to talk like normal, mature adults and Yeon Woo hears their conversation from a distance.  "I have a favor to ask you", Hee Young says. "Give up your position and go back to America."  Clearly, she doesn't know the meaning of a JOB CONTRACT.  "I don't want to," the director says defiantly.  She demands to know the reason why he wants to stay.  He looks deep in  her doe eyes, gaze not straying, and finally admits - "I STILL haven't forgotten you."  Ah, Lee Do Wook - she cuts you open and you keep bleeding love? 


These episodes stir up a lot of emotions - happy, sad, melancholic, jovial, etc.  Sometimes, I honestly feel the writers want to play and mess with our feelings - like in the first few minutes; they would present us with blissful and hilarious scenes and then the next second; it's all crazy, emotional tour de force, whaaambulance.  Seriously, my limbic system is going into overdrive here.  

Nonetheless, I'm very delighted with the show's progress. There's BROMANCE, beach scenes, half-naked athletes (!), embarrassing drunken moments, complicated love quadrangles, angst, and of course, numerous Lee Do Wook-Kim Yeon Woo moments!  It's also nice to see the medical director's seemingly impenetrable shell gradually chip away as he and Yeon Woo slowly develop their trust to each other.  Just a little nitpick though, I hope they give us more hospital action - I mean, this being a medical drama and all.  The ER scenes where Yeon Woo tries to resuscitate her patient was exciting (at least for me) and I hope they give us more of that.   

And now I'm going to get myself an ice bag and a strong drink.  All these mixed emotions are giving me a headache.  As always, thanks for reading and peace out! :)

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  1. hi! i was hoping you'd recap the hilarious "butt" scene! LOL! but very nice, funny review. keep it up! like you, i also want more hospital action scenes. but then again, this is k-drama so it's definitely gonna revolve around emotions, feelings, and angst. anyhoo, thanks!

  2. LOL! Liking your reviews! Tnx! I literally snorted my OJ laughing at your recaps!

  3. Always looking forward to your hilarious reviews. LOL! I must say, after watching both episodes, I'm now on Team Ji Heon/Sang Bong! Haha! Joking aside, I'm partial to the doctor/doctor ship. Having watched loads of US medical drama and working in a hospital myself, I have a soft spot for physicians. Do Wook/Yeon Woo FTW!

  4. well, i'm rooting for JH/YW but i'm still loving your reviews, especially how you described the DW/YW moments - "The pace becomes languid and all the Lee Do Wook-Kim Yeon Woo worshipers in the world, including yours truly; are induced in a hypnotic trance as this brief moment unfolds in rapturous, exquisite delicacy." just beautiful. LOL! you do have a way with words! thanks!

  5. do i sense a geek girl in you? haha! that's a compliment, btw. i love your references to star wars, superman, batman, and movies such as in the mood for love and house of flying daggers. very interesting review. :))))

  6. Hi! Good morning everyone! :) Thanks for all the comments.

    Yeah, I was wondering myself why I missed that "butt" scene. Hmmm... Anyhow, all the scenes at the beach were awesome! They reminded me how much I need a vacay. :P

    Yes, jedi_knight90210, I have me some geek blood, possibly Vulcan. :)))

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!! I'll be looking forward to more of your reviews! :)Dr. CHAMP! FIGHTING!

  8. "Team Judo is equally ecstatic, especially Super Junior - What a great sight!." I had a hilarious fit of giggles after reading that line. Super Junior? Hee Haw!

  9. Hi plucky! Just to let you know that i'm having so much fun reading your fun takes on Dr. Champ! *grins* Btw, do you have any plans of writing reviews of other k-dramas as well? i.e. baker king, flames of ambition, dae mul, sungkyunkwan scandal? I love reading your recaps so it would be also nice if we could read your thoughts on those shows as well?... not that I'm pressuring you or anything. LOL! Thanks! Dr. Champ Fighting!

  10. Hi, peeps! Again, thanks for all the comments. :))))

    You know what, anonymous? If I could, I would. Hee hee! Nevertheless, as I've written before, as much as I would like to watch all those K-dramas and write my reviews on them, sadly, I need to attend to other things as well, plus there's also my classes. But who knows? Maybe one of these days, I might write something else aside from Dr. Champ. The political drama; Dae Mul is currently on top of my list, mainly because of Cha In Pyo (Haha!) and its West Wing/The Contender vibes. Come to think of it, I just remembered - there's also that review of Dong Yi that I need to write! Argh!