Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dong Yi Drinking Game

In celebration of the much-anticipated release of Dong Yi's finale this month *weeps*, some of my K-drama buddies have come up with an ingenious way to combine two of our favorite activities:  getting our weekly fix of Dong Yi and drinking games (ahem... the latter is a joke, mom).  So join us and pour a glass of your choice adult beverage and watch along.  However, be warned:  your liver and brain will end up hating you and you might probably die.  At any rate, it's your funeral, buddy.  So let's get going.

Take a drink whenever....

1.  Dong Yi gets herself embroiled in harsh and dire situations.

2.  Dong Yi does something risky and you feel like throwing a boot at her and yelling, "FOR GOD'S SAKE, DONG YI! STOP ENDANGERING YOURSELF!!!"

3.  Someone gets smack-dabbed on the head.

4.  Flashbacks come right after they happen.

5.  The axis of evil: Jang Hee Bin, Jang Hee Dae, and their mother stare at each other meaningfully then plot out their grand assassination conspiracies.

Take two drinks whenever...

1.  Those grand conspiracies get blown on their faces.

2.  Jang Hee Bin uses her manipulative power of passive-aggressiveness to weasel her way out of the slammer.

3.  You get the urge to tear down your television set and scream, "B@tch! B@tch! B@tch!" at Hee Bin.  

4.  King Sukjong gets married to the wrong person.

5.  Cha Chun Soo gives Dong Yi his plaintive, puppy-dog eyes.

Take three drinks every time...

1.  Dong Yi does this expression: 

2.  Another character does exactly the same expression:

3.   Sukjong gets drunk and then WHAM!!! -- a bun in the oven for our heroine. :)

4.  Dong Yi's pregnancy lasts for only ONE day.

5.  Dong Yi gets an upgrade of wardrobe.

Finish your drink whenever...

1.  Sukjong and Dong Yi have their hearts-to-hearts and their entire conversations can be summed up as follows:

Sukjong:  "Dong Yi..."
Dong Yi:  "Chona..."
Sukjong:  "Dong Yi..."
Dong Yi:  "Chona..."
Sukjong:  "Dong Yi..."
Dong Yi:  "Chona..."

2.  You have already seen the: A) Sets and props B) Costumes C) Actors/Actresses or D) All of the above in A) Jewel in the Palace B) Yi San C) Queen Seon Deok or D) All of the above before.

3.  Finally, down your last glass when this series ends on October 12.  At that time, you may want to apologize to your liver and pray that it continues to do its' daily functions well.  

In the meantime, Happy Weekend, everyone!  And don't forget to woot for The Social Network.  ;-) 


  1. Haha! Plugging The Social Network, aren't we? Let the drinking games begin!

  2. Yeah, I think they really over-do their WHAAAT??? expression.

  3. Heh! Like this? :-O

  4. lol... well, in france, i'm not underage but right now, i'm studyin in the states so i guess, i'm underage ere.. ill have to skip this one... XD
    anyways, just discovered ur blog because of dr. champ and ive been glossing through all of your posts since the first one.. hehe. and LOVED it.. sigh. as if i'm not busy enough.. now i have another blog on my table to read. share ur like for classical music, interest for us tv shows, and of course, kr dramas as well. um.. that's about it. i'm in class right now (supposedly typing class notes) so gotta go. just letting u know i appreciate your blog.

  5. Oooh, someone from France! Hey, I know some French. Uhm, let's see... "Je me suis casse la jambe." (I have broken my leg.) and "Enivrez vous." (Get drunk.) Haha, sorry for the last one! I don't wanna get you into trouble since you're apparently not of legal drinking age. That's right, lay off the champagne, pal :P

    Yeah, I love, love classical and instrumental music. One of the reasons why I got hooked on K-dramas (especially sageuk) is primarily because they have such beautiful, breathtaking orchestral scores - massive brass fanfares, exotic percussion, sweeping strings that transport you to the time of warriors and mythological beliefs. True story: I wanted to become a pianist when I was a kid but then our piano got eaten by termites. So poof! No more piano lessons! Goodbye Vivaldi!

    Anyhoo, thanks for visiting my blog. On second thought... why are you still reading me posts? Get your nose back in your books! LOL! No, joking aside, good luck on your studies, mon ami/amie! Make me proud! :)

  6. Uh, someone pointed out that Dong Yi's Finale will air on October 12, Korean time. So it'll be shown on the 13th here. And for non-Korean speakers like me, it's a couple more days of agony waiting for the English subs. Oof, why can't Korean be learned overnight?