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Rocky Ringtones, Referees, and Ramen: Dr. Champ Recap/Review (Episodes 3-4)

From now on, this poster will be my wallpaper.  Sorry, Damon Salvatore, the spirit is willing but the...

Imagine yourself; a hotshot young doctor, at the peak of your career, numero uno in your class, heaping praises from your colleagues and professors, making your mark in the world of medicine, when all of a sudden, your mentor/boss asks you to conceal a massive medical screwup.  Would you stay silent knowing that this cover up would strengthen your relationship with your mentor and help you climb up the medical ladder, or would you rather stick it to the man?  And if you choose the latter, would you be able to sacrifice your career, ambitions, even your friends?  Would you be ready for the repercussions of your actions?  Are you prepared to face the eventual wrath of your evil ex-boss?  And how would you feel if someone - an unlikely hero; who's more of an arrogant and insufferable smart-ass than a knight in shining armor emerges, rescues you from hopelessness and despair, then with all the chutzpah of a renegade squadron general, kicks your evil ex-boss' big, fat ass?  I mean, ain't that awesome?

That being said, Episode 3 of Dr. Champ delivers one of the best "you're fired" sequences I've seen in television history.  True, there is no ominous music in the background.  No tongue wagging, "you're fired" finger-pointing in the manner of Donald Trump.  No dramatic hysterics.  Dr. Lee Do Wook just calmly asks the hospital director to give Dr. Seo (Kim Yeon Woo's evil ex-boss) the axe, "Director, I have something to say about our agreement... Please fire Dr. Seo who is sitting over there." leaving the evil doctor slackjawed - all dignity mangled, and utterly humiliated. LOL!  BEST. SCENE. EVER!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  On to the episode...MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

The panel interview for the new post of physician at the Olympic village proceeds with Dr. Lee giving the applicants a hard time - asking questions then frowning at their answers, scoffing, and being just as sarcastic and smarmy as he can be. Kim Yeon Woo uneasily squirms in her seat and when asked what made her leave her former hospital, she was saved by a nurse who disrupts the panel interview.  As it turns out,  Park Ji Heon's leg (the one Kim has incised) has flared up and he needs to be immediately seen.  All the doctors rush out of the interview room.  

The clinic then becomes a classroom as Lee and the other doctors toss out ideas regarding Park's condition, his diagnosis, and the interventions the good-hearted athlete needs.  As of this writing, the English subs are still a little bit off and incomplete, so I'm just guessing that's what they are doing.  From amidst all this deliberation and medical hullabaloo, Kim announces that Park suffered from Compartment Syndrome during a prior fight and since such condition is regarded as a medical emergency, she performed fasciotomy.  Okay, Wikipedia help me here.  [Compartment Syndrome is the compression of nerves, blood, and muscles inside a closed space (compartment) within the body.  Such condition builds up intra-compartmental pressure and disrupts capillary blood flow.  This in turn, compromises arterial perfusion leading to tissue death or necrosis.  Fasciotomy is a medical emergency surgical treatment performed to relieve acute compartment syndrome.  This involves cutting the fascia to relieve tension or pressure and to treat the resulting loss of circulation to the tissue or muscle.]  Uh, comprende, everyone?

Everyone is awed at Kim's revelation and quick thinking except for Lee.  He throws out a few more questions at Kim, basically showing everyone that he's not impressed at her at all.  Park, who has now forgotten the pain on his leg and has somehow miraculously gotten all better , thanks to the healing power of uh, infatuation; gallantly comes to her defense: Doctor dude, she saved my life, okay? That's what matters.

Kim finally gets the job! Yay!  New spacious clinic, new boss and colleagues, new patients - everything looks all sparkly and real good.  Even the smell of her newly-furnished office wafts out of my laptop's screen.  Kim looks very much ready for a fresh start and she performs her tasks dutifully although she can barely conceal her noobness in sports.  She also advices Park to temporarily stop Judo practice since his leg needs time to fully recuperate.  Of course, this earns the jealousy and ire of his douche-but-hot teammates.


Meanwhile, Dr. Lee sets up a dinner meeting between Dr. Seo and Dr. Kim; in the hopes that the two would eventually patch up their conflict and resolve their differences.  

There is so much tension in the restaurant, you could cut it with a knife.  Seo and Kim dagger eye each other like characters in Animal Face-Off, nostrils flaring, ready to pounce at the slightest stimulus,  while Lee scans the menu and being all nonchalant and indifferent on the impending war that's about to materialize in front of him.  The evil doctor humiliates Kim then cruelly demands Lee to fire her or there'd be hell to pay.  Dr. Seo, watch out for that... Okay, too late!

Devastated and shamed, Kim rushes out of the restaurant and sobs her heart out in the elevator.  Poor, poor girl.

Back at the Olympic Village, Park receives a call that his sister-in-law is in some sort of trouble at a local karaoke bar.  He gets into an altercation with a moron who turns out to be Kim's screwup of a brother! Imagine that? What are the odds of them meeting for the 250th time?  Totally embarrassed at this turn of events, Kim sits down on a bench, looking all forlorn and Park decides to comfort her.  Aww, isn't he sweet?  He even gives her his jacket though I think the writers just want to take this opportunity to show us his magnificent delts.  

While inside the cab, they talk about how in the game of life, honest people need to beat them no-good cheaters.  Nonetheless, when all hope seems lost, and it seems like the good people will never win, there are always the referees - the ones who can change the game and let good triumph.  Kim then sighs and says, "I don't have a referee."  Ahhh, too much metaphor!!! Of course, the driver needs to swerve so that Kim can smack-dab her head right into Park's awesome lap! Naughty, ajeossi.  

Dr. Kim and Dr. Lee, the coaches, as well as several athletes from Taereung get invited on a celebration hosted by Kim's former hospital and everyone practically runs into former flames and former evil bosses.  How about that? Start slicing the major cake of awkward!  At this point, I'm kinda worried that this will slide into yet another trite, passive-aggressive exes confrontation, I'm-over-you-no-I'm-not, No-I'm-definitely-over-you-no-I'm-not, annoying melodrama scene with massive flashbacks and voice-overs. 

But no.. a grand, triumphant, and awesome event follows that jolts me out of my existence and gives me pure joy!!!  (See third paragraph)  HAH! For the win!

Kim wakes up the following day all refreshed and very happy, reliving last night's "firing" scene.  She goes to work and relates the wonderful news to Park, telling him that she has finally found her referee.  There's a certain glint in her eyes that hints the beginning of some subtle infatuation-admiration towards Dr. Lee (?).  Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.

More awkward elevator scenes! 

Seriously, the writers need to add more layers and depth to Kang Hee Young.  I know she's supposed to be the fourth leg on this love quadrangle but the writers need to at least give her more dialogue.  All she does is stand around, looking all pretty, and pretending to be deep and remorseful.  

And then we cut to some more medical drama involving an athlete dying of a liver disease.  "I just ruined an athlete's career," Lee ruefully says as he stares off at the distance.  Well waddayaknow, this guy isn't so heartless after all.

Okay, since when did Kim become Lee's official driver?  

All the histrionics promptly cause Kim to forget a promised dinner date with Park.  The poor fellow has been patiently waiting for her for hours in a restaurant; consuming nothing but water.  Haha! Isn't this guy so awfully adorable and funny? 

More back stories and revelations!  Dr. Lee is all glassy-eyed and plaintive of course, and just to let us know that he is terribly hurtin' and his heart is all-a-breakin', he dramatically places his palm against the glass door while he looks woefully at Kang Hee Young as she swims lapses on the pool.  

So she leaves him just when he needed her most?  Kang Hee Young, you give love a bad name! :)  And now that she's divorced and back on the market, will Lee finally forgive and forget, and give her another chance? Oh gawd, please, no!    

Revenge of the evil ramen!!!  Of all places, why does it have to be Park's crotch?  Aigoo-ness!

Sweet, hilarious, and aww-inducing moments.  I just love how Kim and Park celebrate their success by giving a "ramen" toast to each other - he, for making it to the nationals and she, for having a new job.  Ah, if only life were always perfect like this, kids, we would not find Kim Yeon Woo...

embroiled in one heap of a medical mess the very next day.  Apparently, one of her patients has been caught doping and she needs to explain herself to the medical board.  And the medical board, boy oh boy, are those people so pissed.

Trouble's a foot!  Kim freezes...Perfect your love! 

I love how this show is progressing.  We are seeing more back stories and everything is being laid out in a nice, quick manner.  We are getting more dynamics between our two lead doctors and I'm pretty excited to see how they develop trust, mutual respect, and concern for each other over time.  

I'm hoping that the writers would present us with more compelling confounding medical cases and scenarios like the ones in House or ER, but that's just my wishful thinking.  At any rate, I still adore the whimsical lightness of this medical drama.

Ah, the love quadrangle is slowly being developed.  There are hints of Kim's infatuation with Lee and we're starting to feel Park's jealousy as he sees the growing bond between our two doctors.  We know that Lee is still hung up on Kang but will he want to reunite with her?  And will Kang get more speaking parts in the future?  What is evil ex-boss plotting now?  Is he in some nefarious cave somewhere, plotting his nefarious schemes, and planning his nefarious revenge on our heroes?  What about Park's teammates?  Are their characters going to be reduced as ego-tripping d-bags who, if they're not flashing their awesome abs, will make our favorite athlete's life in Taereung miserable?  And after hearing the theme from Rocky, what upbeat "fight-fight-fight" song will the producers give us next?  Eye of the Tiger? Danger Zone? Time of My Life? Never Say Never?  

Life is a series of questions.  Tune in next time for Dr. Champ.  Thanks for reading, guys.  Peace out! :)

Ah, UTW... As always, you are so cute!


  1. now, I'm all "spoiled". haha! i'm wondering, where do you watch dr. champ? i was hoping to watch the latest episodes on vikii but sometimes some "parts" of video doe not work. any advice?

  2. I know exactly how you're feeling. Well so far, viikii has been working for me. What you might wanna do is open those non-working parts of the video on other video hosting websites such as mysoju or dramacrazy. So sometimes, I would watch the 1st part of dr. champ on viikii, the second on mysoju, the third on dramacrazy... well, you get my drift. Yep, I know it can be a pain in the butt opening multiple tabs, but a little patience goes a long way. Installing the viikii desktop plug-in thingamajig also helps. Finally, you could also try other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. if the videos have a hard time playing on you default browser. Hope this helps.

  3. thanx so much for the reviews, loved to read your thoughts ^^

  4. hi! LOLing on your reviews! you just made my day! i'm just curious, besides dr. champ, what other k-dramas do you watch?

    keep writing!

  5. Wonderful recap. I just have to either smile or laugh or just plain go crazy imagining the scenes as I read your recap. I eagerly look forward to the next episodes and will likewise look forward to reading your recaps with much delight and gusto! Thanks to one talented, gifted and creative writer - you! Tarits

  6. lol. i'm back again and it's the week-end so no class! XD
    impressive french by the way... you didn't need the english translation, you were doing fine. XD
    and it's "amie".. i'm a girl. i'm not literally from france though since i'm currently here but i am french by nationality.
    aw... really? termites? now that's bad luck... i never dreamed of being a professional pianist (ok, that's a lie) but i did dream of being able to play all sorts of instruments... i wanted to learn any instruments that came up to my knowledge, and languages as well... too bad i have my own limits, with both my hands and my tongue. -_-" but i still set those as my life-long goals. XD
    oh... chuck and blair are PERFECT together. and sorry but i'd rather have damon alone... cuz he's mine (in my dreams)
    now that said, and lovely, entertaining recaps! thank you!!
    and about your assumption... i'm not perfect in korean but from what i understood, i believe you're right about the doctors trying to diagnose ji heon's leg.
    i take back what i said about doctor-doctor. now that i've seen ep 3-4, there's definitely something coming from kim so yeon for utw... as for the later, he's too busy pining for his long lost love to care right now. i hope it changes since that would spice things up. not that i mind the melancholy scenes with utw since it means that i get to see his gorgeous profile and perfect thin nose. sigh. at one point, he looked like he haven't aged at all from his delightful girl days. i still maintain my athlete-doctor stance though because they are so cute and athlete had been trying to hard..
    that said, i'm having a MAJOR crush on jung suk won. i already liked him in his previous roles but now, with his abs... swoon.
    but don't let that prevent you from making the pic your background. i like fainting, when it's for yummy reasons.

  7. Wow, guys! Thanks for all the responses. Really appreciate them.

    @Hind: You're always welcome! :)

    @Cari: Hmm, let's see... I'm currently watching Dong Yi and re-watching Jumong. I plan to pick up Dae Mul and Runway as soon as the English subs are up. I'm interested in the upcoming action-drama Athena as well. You know, I pretty much have a large DVD backlog of K-dramas and movies including Prosecutor Princess, Iris, and Baker King and even though I'm really tempted to watch all of them in one sitting, sadly, I have to attend to my physiologic needs first, including my studies. Augh, so many dramas, so little time!

    @ Tarits: Hey, thanks, pal! I'm going crazy writing those recaps as well! But it's crazy-fun as long as I get to see the awesomeness that is UTW! :)

  8. @ Anonymous: Hey, welcome back!

    Hee hee! I know, right? Jung Suk Won is a total babe! Smoldering! Every time he goes on screen, I fear my computer would catch fire, although I wish his character wouldn't be such a jerkass. I gather there's some interesting back story between him and Ji Heon's brother so I'm really excited to find that out.

    Haha! Looks like we have a lot of things in common, my friend - our fondness for the magnetic synergy of the CHAIR, hotness for DAMON, and love for classical music. I'm also interested in languages. I can speak some bits of Spanish thanks mainly to Dora:The Explorer while my command for the French language verges from nil to atrocious. :P BTW, thanks for the nice pep talk!

    Know what? I initially thought I would be able to learn Korean easily just by watching their shows. 200+ K-drama episodes later, all I learned were the words aigoo, ajeossi, aja, oppa, yobo, umma, soju, kamsahamnida, and some ingredients and kitchen tools. I long for the day when I could watch Korean movies and dramas in all their "raw" glory. *Sigh*

    Back to Dr. Champ. Yeah, I could understand the appeal of the doctor-athlete ship. It's very sweet, innocent and Ji Heon is totally adorkable. But as with my experience in K-dramas goes, it's usually the arrogant but kind-hearted guy who gets the girl in the end. So, I'm calling shotgon on Lee Do Wook. But then I could also be wrong. Either way, I'm happy with either pairing as long as they give Uhm Tae Woong and his eyebrows ample screen time. (Seriously, UTW should donate those eyebrows to science!) And yeah you're right, I think UTW really looks great here; younger, more relaxed, and not as stressed (?) as in Queen Seon Deok. Uniting the three Han Kingdoms entailed so much work! :P

    Anyway, it has been nice exchanging messages with you, mon amie. Really appreciate the wonderful response. Hope to hear from you soon!

  9. [Response to Anonymous Comment 10/09/10 on Post: The Social Network: Their Reviews]

    Hi anonymous! As always, I really, really like your lively and insightful comments! Reading them feels like sitting down with an old friend and having a nice chat on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Hmm, learning Korean through music is a great and interesting idea. Must definitely try it one of these days when the house is empty. Never got any talent on the singing department. Start downloading the Wonder Girls album! Nobody but you! :)

    Haha, don't even get me started on BROMANCE. Just the idea of Ji Heon and Sang Bong sharing a scene for more than 10 seconds is enough to make me hyperventilate and faint, like I always do whenever I watch Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. :)

    Wow, thanks for your support and encouragement with my French. I may actually have some functional success with this language after all. Hee!

    Ah Uhm Tae Woong.. How would I describe him? Let me count the ways: He is the Lancelot to my Guinevere ,the Zorro to my Spanish dancer, the Richard Burton to my Elizabeth Taylor, the ....

    Now that I think about it, I'm having second thoughts as to whether Lee Do Wook and Kim Yeon Woo would actually be this drama's One True Pair. I rewatched the last episode and boy, oh boy, Ji Heon and Yeon Woo definitely have such fun and great chemistry together. And that's kind of a big blow to me bacause I've been rooting for, prepping up, and defending the doctor-doctor ship since forever! Augh! SBS, give me my OTP or give me death!

    Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Again, thank you and looking forward to reading more of your responses. Au revoir! :)