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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Dr. Champ Recap/Review (Episodes 13-14)

I always love me a good, epic confrontation scene.  You know, it's the climactic moment where the hero and the villain face and taunt each other -- trying to get under each other's skin, expressing their emotions, playing a blame-game, throwing witty, caustic remarks, bantering, reflecting on past events, and discussing their outright enmity towards one other.  Sometimes, murderous gazes and subtleties are not enough and the opponents go right away into a legendary violent brawl with high-powered weapons or awesome kung-fu -- both sides hitting,  missing, defending, evading, getting hit, falling, staggering, stumbling...

Warning:  This is not what happens between Lee Do Wook and Park Ji Heon.  To say the least, their confrontation scene can best be described as two baby rabbits bumping into each other, with one of the bunnies slightly more annoyed than the other one.  

Taereung Parking Lot.  Ji Heon asserts to the medical director; Kim Yeon Woo belongs to me, man.  You like another.  So back off.  Nonetheless, the doctor is more interested in knowing how Ji Heon is able to find out his re-lay-shun-ship with Kang Hee Young and the athlete replies that the female doc told him.  "It makes me feel bad that you two are talking about me like that," Do Wook says, shaking his head.  But he clarifies that he had already broken up with said woman, and to be precise, they haven't actually even started anything.  Ji Heon is irked by the doctor's seeming casualness and ease.

Do Wook's office.  The director is surprised to see Yeon Woo inside and he reminds her of her decision to stop treating patients in his spot but she in turn, reiterates his promise to make her a great doctor.  

Now, it's the single lah-dies turn to have their heart to hearts.  The female doc tells the coach of the director's plan to quit.  Hee Young isn't too surprised at this news but the doctor has a personal request to her, "Please hold on to the director."  WHAAAAT????  "His leaving has got everything to do with you," she reasons.  Ired that the subject is getting too personal, the coach leaves but not before asking Yeon Woo, "You said you like Lee Do Wook.  Don't you think this worked out for the best?"  Hee Young also informs her that Do Wook became the grouchy person that he is because of her.  She then asks Yeon Woo to keep mum on the subject because things are already way too complicated as they are.

The female doc goes back inside the hospital but there are so many thoughts running through her head that she forgets how to put bandages properly.  Of course, she gets a nasty scolding from the director.  Where's your head, girlfriend?  She reasons that taping is a job for physical therapists but Do Wook bites back, "If you're going to learn taping.  Learn it right."  Yeon Woo then asks for a private moment with the director and he jests, "Are you going to confess your love for me or something?"  Do Wook, you and your smart mouth. :) 

Sang Bong's Room.  The medical director uses reverse psychology pep talk aimed at lifting Sang Bong's spirits.  "I told you last time that there are miracles, right?  However, miracles definitely won't happen if you are this way," he tells the lonely, albeit gorgeous bedridden figure of Sang Bong.  

Later that night, Do Wook and Yeon Woo have dinner together.  She tells him that Hee Young knows what he knows.  "Are you telling me that since she rejected me because of her guilt, I should go hold onto her?" the medical director demands.  She shakes her head, "You know I have no power.  I want you to stay here.  But there's no use in me trying to hold onto you."  Oh man, my ship is sinking...

Hee Young gets a call from the medical director.  Okay, will somebody turn on the frickin' lights?  He informs her that he knows that she knows that he knows.  Okay, prep yourself for another major whaaa fest scene, kids.  "I'm  the person who stole your laughter fourteen years ago," the coach cries at Do Wook.  She adds, "No matter how much love you pour to me, oppa.  I'm someone that can't hold it in me because of the guilt." She rambles on about memories, pain, and love, and hurt, and longing, and anguish, and I start slouching in my chair, bored to death.  "We're just painful memories," she finally says.  She embraces him (hopefully, for the last time).  "I'm sorry," she weeps softly and then tells the director that he should be with someone who can make him laugh again.  

That night, the medical director broods at his Fortress while staring longingly at the shiny happy people picture.  With the massive amounts of holding, clutching, and abuses that picture has been receiving, I'm surprised it's not even dog-eared yet or worse, covered with the director's dried tears and snot.  He dramatically puts back the picture inside the book and returns it on his shelf.  

Another ordinary day at Taereung.  The docs continue with their usual work of assessing, diagnosing, and prescribing meds for their athletes.  Gawd, I miss those seven-year old soccer kids.  

Initiation Day.  The team tries to pull off the initiation stunt they did to Ji Heon and Super Junior but ends up getting themselves pawned instead.

Hospital.  Our physicians check in on Sang Bong and since the athlete's dad has declared Ji Heon as persona non grata, Judo Boy requests the two doctors to deliver a letter to the injured athlete.  Do Wook opens Ji Heon's letter and sees pictures of the beach, sunset, and Jeju Island.  Sang Bong then remembers his and Ji Heon's conversation about going on a "honeymoon".  The director sees through the athlete's pain and tells him, "Do you rally blame that friend?  When you cry, he will cry forever as well.  When you smile, similarly, he will smile as well."  He adds that since the two athletes have to carry the same burden, wouldn't it be better if they help each other along?  "Why did it have to be Park Ji Heon?" is all Sang Bong could say.

On the bright side, the budget issues of Taereung have been resolved and they could now purchase the elusive MRI machine.  The director is extremely pleased with this good news and he, at last, learns to start flashing his winsome smile and pearly whites again. :)))))))  He goes outside and breathes in the sweet scent of Autumn.  

Not to be outdone, Sang Bong finally awakens and tells the director he wants to start rehab the next day, not for the gold medal but for his desire to be able to walk again.  "My heart is about to explode just as much as I've felt when I was able to walk," the director happily tells Yeon Woo. The dynamic duo delivers the good news to Ji Heon.  The latter embarrassingly thanks the director and the latter laughs it off.  Do Wook then asks Yeon Woo to take athlete boy home.  Seems like everyone had a massive dose of happy pills after dinner.  Even Enya is singing happy elvish songs in the background.

Inside the female doc's car, Judo Boy feigns motion sickness.  Yeon Woo panics, No!  Not on my leather seats!  They stop and get out of the car so Ji Heon could fake toss his fake cookies.  They stop on a lovely spot overlooking the city and the athlete points out the doctor's growing habit of eating with the medical director.  Jealous vibes!  "This is why you're being called a little kid," Yeon Woo jokes.    She brings out her Samsung Galaxy S Mobile (now selling on a store near you) and they talk about stars, horoscopes, and other sweet child-like stuffs. 

Yeon Woo gets a call from the director -- the athlete they have diagnosed early that morning had trouble breathing.  The coach blames the director for not subjecting the athlete to tests.  Early on, the latter was diagnosed with cardiomegaly but the director shrugs it off as normal for sports people.  Yeon Woo rushes to the hospital but the the patient's condition seems to get worse.  Stumped at this medical conundrum, the director spots some ominous white particulates on the surface of the coach's track pants.  Suddenly, Do Wook has a House moment.  He correctly deduces that the athlete's shortness of breath is caused by an allergy to Rosin.  

Dr. Kim is angered by the fact that the coach had the nerve to blame Do Wook for the athlete's condition but he takes the unfair criticism good-naturedly.  He likens a doctor to Tenzing Norgay and an athlete to Edmund Hillary.  "No matter how well we perform, no one will remember us because we are sherpas," he tells her.  "It's a thankless job," she agrees.  He invites her out for a drink.  She suddenly remembers Ji Heon and his jealous butt.  Do Wook laughs and tells her to fetch the whiny kid.  Okay, now I'm definitely starting to give up all hope on my Do Wook/Yeon Woo ship.  Aish!

Yeon Woo returns to Ji Heon and catches him still sitting on the same spot where she last dropped him.  He grumbles that she left him shivering in the cold like a wet kitten to be with that director.  It's a patient, she insists.  She asks why he didn't just take a cab and go home.  He bolts up and goes near her.  "There's something I wanted to do," he says earnestly at Yeon Woo.  He gently puts his hand to her face, pulls her towards him, and gives her a sweet kiss on the lips.  The Ji Heon/Yeon Woo followers in the world swoon and faint.  I'm so jealous of you guys!

New Episode.  Lots of slow-mo kiss with beautiful piano music soaring in the background.  Both Ji Heon and Yeon Woo are overwhelmed and shocked at the intimacy of the moment and are all, "Ah...Uh...Uhrm...Eh...Erm..." like two 14-year olds who have just had their first experience in the world of lip action.  Hee!  They're all awkward and absent-minded inside the car and the music in the radio does not help ease the sweet tension one bit.  It's all very cute and adorable! :)))         

At their respective homes, both Ji Heon and Yeon Woo ponder the day's events.  It's safe to assume that no one will be sleeping tonight.  The next day, the doctor confides to Mama Kim;  "Liking someone while kissing another..." she starts.  "Is that what you're up to these days??!" she exclaims, horrified.  LOL!  Yeon Woo, I'm loving  yo mama right now!  She denies and feigns it's a friend she's talking about.  Mama Kim points out that since said "friend" just stood there during  the kiss, she must definitely have feelings for the kisser too.  "She has feelings for him?" Yeon Woo asks aloud, confused. 

Hospital grounds.  Sang Bong's dad wheels him around while Ji Heon lurks in the background.  The latter sees Sang Bong struggling to move his wheelchair forward on his own and he is deeply moved and extremely saddened.

Judo Boy gets a call from Yeon Woo.  She wants to talk about what transpired yesterday evening;  "Yesterday, I was not in my right mind.  I was very nervous because an athlete was in the emergency room.  And I didn't know how to react because you did that all of a sudden.  And plus, the weather was really cold.  In case you might misunderstand, yesterday... yesterday, that incident had no meaning.  So, don't think it was weird."  She says all this very fast.  "I don't think it's weird," he replies.  Yeon Woo starts to leave but Ji Heon stops her and buys her a scarf.  The doctor gives the scarf back to him and tells Ji Heon that for the nth time, she only sees him as a friend and nothing more.  Ji Heon, in return, insists that she keep the scarf and states, for the nth time that he wants more than her friendship --  he wants to hold her hand, touch her, and give her some sweet lovin'.  "If you're not going to give me your all, then don't give me anything," he tells her.  Well, ain't we a little pushy, huh?  

Elsewhere, Do Wook meets with the hospital staff and he cheerfully informs them that their budget has been raised to half a million.  Everyone oohs and aahs at the medical director's amazing powers of persuasion.  He is about to tell them about his impending resignation, with Yeon Woo looking at him like she's tethering on the verge of a breakdown, but he decides not to spoil the happy atmosphere.  The doctor inquires what changed his mind and he says, "I don't think I can tell them today.  As you can tell, I was quite popular." :)  

Back at the hospital, Lee is particularly pleased with Yeon Woo's growing competence and confidence.  After the examination, Do Wook orders Yeon Woo to "graduate" and stop doing treatments in his office.  "I told you that I want to examine patients with you until you leave," she persists.  "What if you become attached?" he asks casually.  The question stops her dead on her tracks.  Hee Young calls Yeon Woo over the phone.  Wow, they're really that close now?  The swimming coach informs her that she and the director have finally found closure and it's the director's birthday.    

Ji Heon and Super Junior spot Yeon Woo carrying a birthday cake.  She returns the scarf to Ji Heon saying it would be uncomfortable if she keeps it.  "What about the guitar?" he says.  She steps inside the hospital and overhears the staff and Do Wook talking.  Apparently, the staff has already heard about the director's plans of resigning from the Olympic Village and they're all extremely sad and disappointed.  "You haven't been here that long.  It makes no sense that you're leaving soon.  How can you quit when you haven't even been here for a year?" they all echo at Do Wook.  Yeon Woo runs after Dr. Lee.  "Will you stay with me for the next five and a half hours?" she asks sheepishly.  He is amused.  They go to dinner and then take a lovely after dinner walk, with her insisting that she'll buy him any present that he wants.

You know, when a movie or a TV character starts to coughs, it's always bad news and that person is bound to have a 50/50 chance of making it through the end of the film or series.  Just saying... Go Bum has caught Kwon Yoo Ri vandalizing his car and he is very pissed off.  More athlete drama transpires.

Olympic Village Skating Rink.  The director confesses to Yeon Woo that the ice rink is the only place he hasn't visited since his return to Taereung.  Thus, he is very much relieved that the place doesn't remind him of bad memories at all.  Do Wook turns and asks her if she could skate and with all confidence, the doctor says YES!  Turns out she's lying and as she tries her darndest to glide even a few inches forward,  the director projects all sorts of funny, amused, concerned, and "can you believe this?" faces at her.  ROTFL!  She clumsily falls on her butt and the director goes to help her.  "You came into the rink,"  she points out.  The remarks hits him home -- he is slowly healing.  And for the first time in 14 years, he laughs.  They then spend the next few hours having super happy fun time in the rink.  


Of course, Compartment Syndrome catches Do Wook and Yeon Woo leaving the rink together and he's all terribly hurt and dejected.  The director sees Ji Heon and tells Yeon Woo to cap the night off.  "But there's still an hour left," she points out.  "Why don't you invest that hour to someone who will stay by your side in the future?" he tells her.  "It's too useless to put effort towards someone who's going to leave."  Ah, shoot!  

Ji Heon goes into his room and sulks while Yeon Woo plays with her teddy bears, mimicking the director's words.    "Fine go!" she yells at the stuffed toy and beats the poor thing like a rag doll.  She spots the guitar in the corner.  Hmm.

Next day.  Kwon Yoo Ri inquires about Yeon Woo's feelings for Ji Heon while they're waiting for the results of her medical exam.  The doctor sighs and gives her a passive look.  She reviews Yoo Ri's x-ray and gets all troubled.  "Does cancer run in your family?" she asks the athlete.  Apparently, the x-ray has revealed a tumor in Yoo Ri's lungs and she needs a biopsy ASAP.  She breaks the bad news to the swimming coach who then asks for the the medical director's opinion.  It's good that these two exes can finally be civil to each other and can talk without tearing each other's heads apart.

Clearly, Yoo Ri is still in denial.  She continues with her laps and when she surfaces, she spots Dr. Lee at the edge of the pool.  He proceeds to talk some sense to her and gives her two options:  One, she can get the exam immediately and if the tumor turns out to be benign, then there's no need to worry.  Two, she can get the exam after the Asian Games but she has to live through all the lingering doubts in her head.  "What if I get the exam and it turns out to be cancer?" she asks.  The director replies that she can have surgery immediately.  Unfortunately, the procedure would cost her the games.  At this painful realization, the athlete pours her heart out to Do Wook.  In between sobs, she tells him that no matter how serious her condition is, she is not going to give up -- the Asian Games might be her last opportunity to compete and to show the world the great athlete that she is.  

Honestly, this is the first time I have seen Yoo Ri in a completely new light.  Initially, I have always thought of her as just this silly, annoying and clingy character who just happens to be the fifth leg in this weird love pentangle.  But the swimmer's conversation with Do Wook reveals a whole new side of her -- she is not just another spoiled, self-absorbed athlete but a dedicated player who would not shirk away despite physical limitations.  "The more serious it is, the more I'm going to persevere," she tells the director.  Do Wook sighs.  He understands.  Ah, these kids.

After he's done talking to the swimmer, the medical director huddles with the coach and the female doc.  "It's better to keep Yoo Ri's condition a secret and wait 50 more days to get the exam," he tells them.  He specifically reinforces his decision to Yeon Woo, knowing full well how her moral fiber in issues such as this have created a problem for her in the past.  Yeon Woo is clearly disappointed with the director's plan and she dashes to his office.  The medical director explains his side and brings the point home by comparing the  swimmer's situation to a young doctor, who after spending almost a decade in medical school to be a surgeon, suddenly discovers a tumor inside him.  Would the doctor give up performing surgery because of his tumor?  The director doesn't think so.  Nonetheless, Yeon Woo, stubborn as ever, insists that they need to perform a biopsy  right away and if they need to use force, then so be it.  She quickly leaves.  The director looks troubled.

The female doc goes to the Vice President and spills the beans.  The VP then calls for a meeting.

The director confronts Yeon Woo after their intense meeting with the VP.  "Is this another whistle blowing?" he asks her.  "Tomorrow, Kwon Yoo Ri might be dismissed and Coach Kang Hee Young might be fired (Me: YESSS!).  Are you happy now?" he snaps, rather cruelly to our girl.  Oh Yeon Woo, you are too good for your profession.  

Soju time!  Why do these people hate their livers so much?

Lonely and hurt, Yeon Woo calls Judo Boy and he finds her huddled in a sad little bench, drunk and depressed.  "Just tell me that I was right and I did a good job," she pleads.  He proceeds to do exactly what she says like an obedient 8-year old, but without any trace of concern or feeling.  "Thank you," she tells him.  Slightly annoyed at all her late-night racket, Ji Heon warns her,  "If you call me one more time, I'll take it that you don't want to be friends with me."  Poor Yeon Woo.  Ji Heon turns to go but she calls after him,  "Park Ji Heon!"  He freezes, surprised at the earnestness in her voice.  I fall in love with you!

And with that, I'm officially crushed to smithereens because my hope for a Do Wook/Yeon Woo pairing is becoming more and more next to impossible and I'll just have to accept whatever fate The Powers That Be have in store for our characters.  Why do I always have the tendency to root for damaged, bad boys (Lost's Sawyer, Gilmore Girl's Jess, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike, etc.) anyway?  Why Why Why? 

 I have been reading some forums on Dr. Champ last night, and apparently, a lot of you viewers are betting that the medical director will leave Taereung for good and he'll end up being alone.  Well, that's kinda sad but with the recent storyline developments, said scenario seems plausible.  At any rate, with these last two episodes, I'm sincerely hoping that the writers will give the medical director more chance to repair his broken and wounded soul  We've already seen some hints of healing during the skating rink scenes and I want more of that.  

Finally, Ji Heo/Yeon Woo shippers, move your tokens forward while I slowly hang my head in shame, put on my robes, and haul my butt to Dagobah because the Force is clearly strong with you -- your OTP seems more and more likely to happen, what with all the cute kissy scenes and the cliffhanger on the last episode. 

Two more episodes and we're done!  Yay! :)))))  

Question for the finale:  Will Do Wook leave Taereung forever?  Will Yeon Woo's love for Do Wook finally be requited or for that matter, will Yeon Woo ever love Ji Heon the way he loves her?  Does Yoo Ri really have cancer and will she and Judo Boy finally win the gold?  Will Sang Bong have the heart to forgive Ji Heon and be able to walk again?  Will they have their planned "honeymoon" in Jeju Island? :) Will Go Bum stop being an asshat?  And finally, will Kang Hee Young ever wear clothes that would actually fit her and not just hang on her body like a loose giant tent?  

Tune in next week for all the answers!

Again, thanks for reading, guys and remember to honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice to our country.  Have a great weekend everyone! :)      

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  1. Hi! well, here in Canada, we're celebrating Remembrance Day. As always, hilarious recaps, Plucky! Thanks! ^_^

  2. Oh yeah! A million thanks to team DrC of Viikii for the soft subs and for the torrent links! You guys are the greatest! :)

  3. Yeah, I'm really envious of the YW/JH shippers at this moment too! They get the swoon-worthy scene at the park, the soft romantic music, and that hilarious car ride back home from the park (with the KISS KISS song playing on the radio). My hopes of a YW/DW OTP were dashed a bit earlier than you, when he had that meaningless one-nighter with HY. Seriously, in KDramaland, you don't get to sleep with 2nd lead girl and still end up with the 1st lead girl. I hope that the next project that my Uhm Tae Woong takes up will be one where he gets the girl. BTW, does he get the girl in Cyrano?

  4. Hello Anonymous#1! Haven't watched Cyrano Dating Agency yet. Still patiently waiting for the English-subbed DVD or the day they give the movie an international release on these shores. Haven't exactly heard a lot of spoilers on Cyrano which I'm thankful for (maybe because I don't understand Korean?), so I'm not sure if UTW gets the girl. I'm hoping he does. :)))

    Hrmph! Yeah, I kinda feel bad for Do Wook. If he indeed, doesn't get Yeon Woo in the end, I just wish he gets the healing and happiness he needs or he might end up as a sour, bitter old man, endlessly pining for a lost love. Halfway through the show, I was also afraid they're gonna pull a Beethoven Virus ending where the male lead goes back to the States and it seems like we're indeed going on that direction. Tsk!

    And yep, as of late, UTW's characters never get a break. I wish he'd make a light romantic comedy drama soon where he gets the girl for a change. *crosses fingers* :)

  5. i really thought this drama is going to surprise me -- that it's going to be different. sadly, it's turning out to be just another shallow melodrama with a predictable story arc, with the usual stereotypical characters. the only difference is that it is set in an athlete's hospital. but once we remove the stethoscopes, the x-rays, the sonograms, and the medical dialogues, it's the same old drivel. i can't help but be disappointed. i wish i hadn't put this much hope on this show. :-(

  6. reply to the above post: well, that's the reason why i learned to start my dramas without any expectations & high hopes at all. i just go w/ the flow & take whatever things the writers give to us.

    plucky, great & hilarious recaps!

    1. comparing JH a& DW's confrontation scene to baby bunnies.
    2. dried tears and snot
    3. no! not on my leather seats!
    4. product placement
    5. star wars references

  7. Thanks for the recaps!^^ Yatta... i love kiss scene of JH/YW, had been though that JH/YW relationship would be going smoothly, i feel relieved:D, but then YW still crush on DW:((, i like DW, but i love JH a million times more:D,so happy with the last scene; but little afraid if YW in the next morning deny JH again; this drama just make me turn up and down and up again n dunno what happen tommorow, but still hope for JH/YW^^