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Raindrops Keep Falling On Their Heads: Dr. Champ Recap/Review (Episodes 9-10)

Only six more episodes to go and we still do not have the faintest clue where this show is heading to. As T writes in the comments section, "I have no idea where they are going with this story and sometimes, I do wonder if The Powers That Be know either.  When it comes to romance, it's been sort of a merry-go-round with A loves B loves C loves D and on they go."  Truer words were never written.  

Indeed, there are still numerous loose threads which need to be addressed and issues to be resolved.  Nonetheless, Dr. Champ's style and verve knit the show tightly together, making it unpredictable and addictive.  Similarly, the character dynamics make you more intrigued with their byplay and with who ends up with whom.  Plus, it's also nice that the writers are still giving us a lot more back stories as we get to know each character intimately.    

Where were we?  Right.  Park Ji Heon looks deep in Kim Yeon Woo's eyes and reaches at the recesses of her heart, "I like you." Crazily, yo!  Yeon Woo is speechless and befuddled.  Finally, she reiterates what he said to her during that crazy night at the beach, "Liking someone who likes someone else is is the stupidest thing."  "But haven't you already moved on?" he insists.  She opens her mouth to respond but Judo Boy stops her.  "Just wait, I'll go to you," he promises. He leaves with a silly grin in his face.

Casa de Lee.  Mopey time!  You know how it's so weird and scary when someone stares at you while you're sleeping? Anyway, Kang Hee Young recognizes her old picture with the medical director, lying strategically on his study table.  He wakes up and gets all cranky towards her, telling her to vamoose pronto.  But before she does, the coach asks him why he still keeps their old picture around.  "I didn't keep it.  I just didn't throw it away," he lies.  Okay, now that it's all settled, will someone please burn that effing picture already???? And then we get more reaction-formation feewings from Lee Do Wook as he shows Hee Young the front gate.

Yeon Woo's cribs.  The doctor cannot get some shut eye and Judo Boy texts her : U cAnt Sleep Cuz I tOld u I lyk u, cAn u?  Hmm, kinda presumptuous of him, don't you think?  Ji Heon, just how on earth can Yeon Woo ever sleep if you keep texting her?  Yeon Woo, put the darn phone on silent mode already!!

Taereung parking lot.  Yeon Woo spots Do Wook getting out of his car and she gets all flurried and awkward.  She sinks lower and lower in the driver seat, hoping the medical director doesn't see her and when she finally gets up, she catches him looking quizzically at her through the car window.  LOL!

The new athlete; Go bum who apparently took Ji Heon's place, struts his loud crazy vehicle and parades his arrogant ass attitude to everyone in Taereung.  Gosh, I can't wait for the day Ji Heon or Sang Bong punches him in the junk.

We get the first interaction between Doo Wook and Ji Heon and it's far from friendly, what with Judo Boy projecting all kinds of icy cold, mind rays of death towards the director's general direction.  After his interview, Ji  Heon finally asks Do Wook, man-to-man, what his feelings are for our girl, "What do you think of Dr. Kim Yeon Woo?  Do you like her?"  

Do Wook ponders for a second and then answers, "Kim Yeon Woo, she's honest to a fault and inflexible.  She has no sense of humor, bad taste in clothes, and can't wear make-up well."  At this revelation, the athlete gets all excited, "I know, RIGHT?  She's not your type, RIGHT?" Do Wook seems to sense Ji Heon's infatuation with Yeon Woo but chooses to give him a hard time instead, "On the contrary, she's the type I like.  I hate a doctor who's so into adorning herself that she doesn't do her job right." :P

Team judo leaves the "To The World, Be The Best" building and Ji Heon comes across them.  He clearly misses his old buddies and is visibly upset.  Yeon Woo decides to give our athlete a ride home and he educates her on Judo Olympics 101.  So basically, there are three rounds in order to qualify for the Asian Games.  Ji Heon didn't win the first event because Yeon Woo had his leg incised.  Ergo, he needs to win the next two rounds in order to qualify for the Nationals.  The doctor is concerned, "Aren't you afraid your leg won't heal in time?" and Ji Heon, for the first time in his 29 years, delivers words of wisdom, "I do not think about tomorrow.  I only think of what's right now."

Later that night, Do Wook and the Vice President attend Project Runway.  They meet with some reporters and the doctor answers their questions with all the smarmy sarcasm he can muster.  Hee!  Shoot, here comes this drama's dementor; Kang Hee Young.  Quick, run for cover before she feeds off all human happiness and... she sits.  Too late!  The coach spouts off some spiels regarding Korea's Michael Phelps.  Okay Cha Rye Yun, do your thing while I play Minesweeper over here.  Hee Young's ex-hubby arrives and he and Lee Do Wook battle it out with who can project the most ugly, icy, hostile stare without blinking.

Lobby.  Hee Young's ex asks if she and Do Wook are back together and the doctor fires - they're trying to make it work.  (Uhm Tae Woong, in the words of Rihanna, I love the way you lie! Haha!) When he leaves, Hee Young huffs and grapples to put on her best angry expression which looks more like a  sad, pouty puppy.  Her flat and vacuous delivery makes listening to on-hold phone messages exciting.  "That stunt you just pulled made me more pathetic,'" she exclaims furiously.  "Don't try to do that again!"  She blah blahs a bit more but all I could hear is someone reading the phone book.  Do Wook then gets all sappy as he tells her that he's way better than her loser of an ex-husband and he can make her a million times happier.  Okay, someone give me a scalpel so I can perform an emergency lobotomy or a brain transplant on Lee Do Wook. 

Uhm Tae Woong, as much as I love you, I'm starting to detest your character now.  I don't get him.  He's supposed to be intelligent and all, but he's clearly pushing the self-destruct button with all that stupid, sentimotional crap he's wallowing himself into.  The two exchange longing, meaningful stares and I thought I might die from all the kitschy melodrama.  Fortunately, the VP has his uses, "Interview!"

God knows we need more of Ji Heon's and Sang Bong's bromance because their friendship is one of the few things that prevents this drama from sliding into a soulless and acerbic ride in the whaambulance.

Clearly, our boy misses Sang Bong and he doesn't wanna miss a thing.

 Next day.  Our two physicians head to a soccer field and meet one of Do Wook's old friends who turns out to be a soccer coach for kids.  The doctors go on field work assessing and interviewing adorable 7-year old soccer players.  I always get delighted whenever I see our two doctors putting their heads together, even in simple cases such as this, and I hope they give us more of these scenes in the future instead of the usual melodrama drivel they've been shoving in our throats.  Having kids as their clients, in lieu of the usual bunch of arrogant athletes, is a refreshing change for both Do Wook and Yeon Woo.  The latter even attempts a go at soccer but ends up falling clumsily.  The director sees all this and snickers.  I think someone needs a banana more than that kid.  Happiness abound whenever Kang Hee Young is out of the picture.

Car.  The positive and happy atmosphere suddenly grows cold and dark when the wet blanket calls Do Wook.  Furious and hurt at the fact that the director is using her to make the dementor jealous, she gets out of the car and tells Lee that he can drive his butt home.  Lee is astonished and hurt.  You got pawned, senor!  Haha! Aja girlfriend!  Yeon Woo, I know how much you're crushing on your boss, but I think it's about time that you stop following all his demands like an obedient sock puppet and start standing up for yourself!  So, bravo! 

Casa de Kim.  Of course, who does our girl meet at the driveway but Ji Heon?  He asks her to spend a fun-filled day with him and celebrate because his knees are getting better. Oh man, it's scenes like these that make me want to skip classes and play laser tag.  I envy these people!  Ji Heon ends the day by casually insinuating that since they've already visited a lot of rooms; PC rooms, DVD and karaoke rooms; he thinks their next stop should be Yeon Woo's.  :P Ji Heon, subtle isn't your middle name.  Unfortunately for him, Yeon Woo does not hear these words.  A guitar displayed in a music store catches her attention. She misses her dad who used to play guitar.

Revelations! It seems like Ji Heon is indeed the cause of his brother's untimely demise. Ah, why do they have to end this happy, happy day with this painful discovery?

Lee's Fortress gets invaded by the dementor.  Ach! Ach! The medical director and the swimming coach take a walk to remember around the park.  I love the colors of autumn, (sigh).  Hee Young pleads for the medical director to bury the hatchet, to start over, and to rekindle their friendship.  He tells her he's all over the hate and resentment but he can't decide if he wants to get rid of them.  This is so confusing but whatever, Lee Do Wook.  You look so cute on that green sweater, anyway.  So I forgive you and your messed-up feewings.

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo and Ji Heon start an exercise program.  More back stories!  So, our favorite athlete hasn't always been the good boy whom we think he is. He tells her his sad, sad story and almost tears up as he relates to her the last dying words of his brother.  The mood gets all sentimental and the doctor breaks it by asking about his leg.  Ji Heon then asks Yeon Woo not to "do anything" with the medical director until he comes back to Taereung.  Okay Ji Heon, those jealous vibes are totally choking me to death. 

Next day.  Ma-ma-mah way. One step, wah, wah, wah way. Two step, wah, wah, wah way.  

Super Junior is so sweet.  He happily informs Yeo Woon that her treatment of his ankle injury paid off -- he got the bronze.  Yippee!! Lee doesn't exactly say it, but he's proud of our home girl.  He then insists that she attend Ji Heon's Judo event.

Uncle-nephew bonding moments.  Why is Enya singing in the background?  Ji Heon and his guyliner summon the Force -- let's do this thing!  Judo Boy gets a call from Yeon Woo.  She delivers him the wonderful, honeysuckle news, "See you tomorrow at the competition!"  He dashes towards her house and gives her bunny ears his present -- the guitar she's been eyeing the previous day.  Sweet!  But next time, you know better Yeon Woo, try eyeing something that's a bit more expensive; like a Blahnik or a Luis Vuitton bag. Haha! I keed!  Yeon Woo yells "Good luck!" at him and those words and are all lovely music to our boy's ears.  I fall in love with you!

New Episode.  Our lovestruck athlete reminisces the previous night's events in the locker room and he just couldn't stop himself from grinning stupidly.  Ah, young love.  Sang Bong enters and the boys decide to take a vacay after the competition.  Ji Heon suggests Jeju Island.  Sang Bong counters,  "Is this some kind of honeymoon?  Should we just go the beach?" and Judo Boy whimpers, " But it's so cold.  Why the beach?"  Haha!  They sound like an old married couple!

Taereung Olympic Hospital.  An athlete fractures his tail bone and Do Wook literally sticks a finger up the poor man's ass.  Wahahaha!!!!

The good doctor spots Ji Heon outside.  She compliments him and adds that he's so far from his goofy, noisy self when he's competing.  He teases her, "You have totally fallen for me!" :P  The doctor gets a call from Do Wook and Ji Heon's Spock ears turn green with envy.  The director inquires about the competition and congratulates both of them.

Sang Bong vs Go Bum.  Go Bum fights dirty and headbutts Sang Bong.  He's bleeding! Foul!  Someone give me a hatchet!  I'm so gonna kill this guy!  Sang Bong wins the match anyway and Go Bum is totally pissed.  Ji Heon is worried about his bro but refuses to see him.  "If my heart gets weak, I cannot compete in the match," he tells Yeon Woo.  Awww... 

Hee Young and the head nurse take a brisk walk and the coach confides to her how Do Wook is making her bleak existence bleaky and making her achy heart achy.  Blah, blah, blah.  She asks the nurse regarding her opinion about the possibility of reigniting the Do Wook/Hee Young ship and the nurse immediately snaps, "Yes. I'm against it." -- the heavens will rain fire and brimstone the moment you two get back together.  Mope mope mope.  

Later in the afternoon, the nurse also gives the medical director a piece of her mind -- "Do Wook, what exactly are you thinking?"  You became this insufferable, emo-angsty bastard because of Hee Young, remember??!!  I'm so loving this nurse right now.  

More sentimental pathos courtesy of the medical director.

Yu Sang Bong and Park Ji Heon finally face off.  They have an incredibly intense fight, reaching the top of their limits until finally, Ji Heon manages to hold Sang Bong, and slams him on the floor, head first.  Ooof!  Ji Heon is tiumphant!  As Judo Boy basks in the warm glory, Sang Bong starts to hyperventilate.  OMG OMG OMG!  Yeon Woo immediately rushes the athlete to the nearest hospital.  

While awaiting the results of Sang Bong's tests, Yeon Woo gets a call from Judo Boy.  He is all hunched up in a dark corner of the locker room, shivering like a frightened poodle.  Ah, poor thing.  The director arrives at the hospital.  Yeon Woo explains the nature of the accident and tells him that the athlete might have fractured his spine.  Ji Heon zombie walks out of the locker room.  He wants to visit Sang Bong but his coach stops him -- he needs to attend the awards ceremony.  Otherwise, his medal will be forfeited.  

After the awarding, Ji Heon hurries to the hospital and overhears the surgeon informing the two physicians about the results of the surgery.  It seems the procedure went well and the athlete's life is saved but he has to remain a paraplegic for the rest of his life.  Ji Heon is completely shocked and devastated at this dreadful tragedy and he bolts out of the place.  Run Ji Heon, run!

Judo Boy tears up as his mind recollects all the wonderful, dorky broments he has had with Sang Bong that might never happen again.  My heart breaks!

The two physicians perform an all-nighter as they await for more news regarding Sang Bong.  Both are equally distraught and physically exhausted.  Do Wook apologizes for having let Yeon Woo witness this horrible event but she remarks that her shock is nothing compared to the pain and loss athletes have to go through.  The director concurs and as he leans his head on his cane, I'm pretty sure his thoughts quickly drift down memory lane.  Sad, sad day for everyone!

Medical board meeting.  The Vice President wants someone to pay.  He blames the accident on Park Ji Heon and the medical director defends our athlete aggressively.  While doing so, he opens up about his past and shares some of his deepest secrets and most intimate failures and pains.  He does not paint a pleasant picture of himself but his intentions are to show that no injured or broken athlete is out for blood.  Aww...I want to give Do Wook a super hug!  For Pete's sake, will somebody love this doctor, already?

Parking lot.  Hee Young wafts out of nowhere, like a ghostly apparition.  She offers to drive Do Wook home and she's all very kind to him, making him a salad, etc. etc.  As she prepares to leave, the doctor grabs her hand,  "Stay here.  Today... This once."  Hee Young freezes.  OKAY, JUST WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, DO WOOK????

Finally,  Ji Heon answers his phone.  "I want to see you.  I'm afraid," he whimpers to Yeon Woo.  The doctor demands to know where he is but he doesn't answer and drops the call.  Yeon Woo yells, "Park Ji Heon! Park Ji Heon!" 

Whew!  DENSE EPISODES and the aftermath is pretty heavy.  I'm completely pooped and my poor, broken heart bleeds for Sang Bong. :(((((

Next week, Lee Do Wook and Kang Hee Young suck face, go out to dinner, and have other WTF moments.  I think I'm gonna be sick.  Ugh! 

At any rate, I hope you all have a SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN guys and take it slow with the candies!  

Have a great weekend everyone!  Again, thanks for reading. :)

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  1. it used to be star wars and superman references, now it's harry potter? haha! always loving your reviews! keep it up!

  2. hi! u write some insanely, funny thank you. I love this blog. viikii isn't working for me right now so i have yet to watch ep. 10. seems like the last episode explodes with kitschy sadness and gloominess but you still managed to turn your review into something fun. ^^, not that it's a bad thing. we all need some hilarity in our lives. appreciate everything! happy halloween, plucky!

  3. Thanks and Happy Halloween, yo! By the way, before I forget, thank you very much Team DrC of ViiKii and the wonderful guys over at Soompi for the torrent links and for posting my blog on their Dr. Champ forum. You guys are the greatest! :)

  4. your posts never fail to crack me up! lol! wish you'd write more reviews of our other favorite k-dramas. been reading the comments on your other posts and i'm happy that ur planning to write your take on daemul soon. thanks for making me smile. <3

  5. btw, that last picture is so R-18. hahaha! love your description of kang hee young as the dementor. wonder what other pop cultural references you'll be including on your next posts? keep em coming! thanks for the wacky recaps. :)))

  6. This was definitely an awesome episode and one of my favorites. Loveedd it!! The JH/YW moments were perfect. Sadly, Sang Bong's accident and Ji Heon's guilt would definitely a big blow to their budding relationship. I'm soooo against Do Wook hooking up with Hee Young again! He should listen to that nurse. I hope he comes to his senses soon. Immediately!!!

  7. OMG! I love laser tag too and I'm a girl! Haha! Your reviews and side comments are extremely funny!! You just made my breakfast complete! :)

  8. Lee Do Wook and Kang Hee Young???!!! Oh, the horror!!!

  9. Now that SKKS is over I can finally give my UTW the undivided attention he so deserves. ;P

    First of, great recap as per usual. I'm ever so amazed that you were able to get some fun out of scenes where I hit the FF-button. Clearly patience is not one of my virtues.

    Loved how Judo Boy tried oh-so-subtly fish out how Dr Cranky feels about Yeon Woo and gets totally pwnd. LOL! He's cute when he's all flustered.

    Do Wook in green looks good enough to eat. Just saying.

    Sang Bong!!

    I don't know what TPTB are smoking but they seemed to wont to rekindle the Hee Young and Do Wook romance. Guess it could work... in theory, if there was something even resembling chemistry going on there. UTW is generally very good at angsty yarning but with Cha Rye Yun all the feeling sort of fizzles out. Must be the Wet Blanket Effect as his scenes with everyone else are still fine.

    That said, I just watched episodes 11-12 yesterday and I'm ever so confused as they shifted the focus AGAIN! What the heck is going on? And Ji Heon suddenly got a personality transplant too. I hope it's not permanent. Looking forward to your next instalment on the series.


  10. Hi timescout! Thanks for the great comments! I have yet to watch SKKS but I've been hearing a lot of positive reviews on it. Will probably get my start on this drama after Dr. Champ's finale. That being said, yeah, I'm also slightly confused as to where Dr. Champ is going. So, I've learned not to think too much about it and just bask in the awesomeness of UTW. :D