Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everybody Hurts, Sometimes Everybody Cries: Dr. Champ Recap/Review (Episodes 7-8)

Boo Hoo!!!  Somebody call the whaaambulance! Because that's what we get for the majority of these two episodes.   Everyone's tear ducts are going into maximum overdrive and emotions are at an all-time high --except for Kang Hee Young, of course.  It has been established since the first episode that Cha Ye Ryun's swimming coach is incapable of having more than one emotion.  Those big round eyes of hers have two expressions:  open and close and she can't act to save her life.  Lucky for her, she's pretty so I don't mind if she pops out every minute or so in my screen, like those annoying GIF images.  More than five minutes, and I'll be screaming bloody murder!  Seriously, it's quite -- no make that VERY, painful to watch her.  She's as mechanical and stiff as a decade-old carburetor, and when she delivers her lines, it sounds like she's reading a blender's instruction manual.  Oh, aigoo!  

As you know, I've been hoping since day one that this series would present us with exciting medical conundrums, engrossing hospital story lines, and action-packed medical drama; ala ER, House, even Scrubs -- you know those scenes where a victim is placed on a gurney and while being wheeled in the ER, the doctor gets on top of him and performs compressions.  Nonetheless, I've sort of given up on that hope a little bit.  Do Wook and Yeon Woo are in Orthopedics, so they're basically just going to deal with muscles, tendons, sprains, and broken bones.  Furthermore, since their clients are exclusively athletes, their work would naturally just revolve around sports-related injuries and rehab which is kind of a little... dull.  Anyway, I'm still hoping that some exciting thing will happen in Taereung and our doctors would have to deal with other medical issues aside from athletes getting high on Gatorade or suffering from torn ligaments.  On to the show...

We open to Lee Do Wook and Kang Hee Young having their intense heart-to-hearts.  The medical director reveals that he still has lingering feelings for Hee Young.  Kim Yeon Woo hears this part of the conversation and pained at this revelation, she immediately leaves.  The doctor also reveals that he initially wants to get his revenge and make Hee Young's life miserable, but he soon realizes that revenge is boooring and the only thing he knows for sure is that he did not come to Taereung for her.  Ouch!  With these sharp words, Do Wook leaves and now I have to agonize watching five seconds of Hee Young's mopey moments.  Nope, that phony anguish with that bland expression isn't going to move me one bit, coach.

Yeon Woo agrees to go for a walk in the beach with Park Ji Heon.  Deducing that the doctor is upset over her unrequited love to the medical director, Ji Heon offers, "Liking someone who likes someone else is the stupidest thing you can do."  Yeon Woo concurs and Ji Heon self-fives, YESSS!  He then takes out a balloon lantern and tells the doctor to make a wish.  Suddenly, it rains and the lantern falls to the ground.  K-drama metaphors! This relationship is sooo doomed (?).  The two get drenched and Ji Heon blames the sudden downpour to Yeon Woo, "You must have wished for something weird.  Did you, perhaps, wish for it to go well with the director or something?"  :P  They seek shelter on some shed and of course, he takes off his jacket and gives it to her.

Sleeping time.  Ji Heon, you sick, little pervert!! Yuk yuk!

Next day, Yeon Woo decides to do some autumn cleaning and to return some of the medical director's books.  Of course, Hee Young also chooses this time to visit Do Wook.  Yeon Woo spots the two of them talking at the front gate.  Hurt, she slowly backs off.  

The coach thinks its high time to finally put the cards on the table.  She tells Do Wook that the reason why she left him is, GET THIS, because she cannot for the life of her, imagine spending eternity with a paralyzed boyfriend.  She cannot see herself cleaning his bedpans, changing his linens, assisting him in ambulation, etc.  She reasons that if Do Wook was in her position 14 years ago, he would also do the same; "If something like that happened to me, what would you have done?  Would you have stayed by my side for the rest of your life?  Don't treat me like a sinner anymore."  Sheesh, what a passive-aggressive, shallow, selfish prick!  "You should have told me that over the phone," Do Wook said, his voice cold as steel. 

Ji Heon and Yeon Woo go out to eat and during the meal, the doctor tells Judo Boy that she wishes to regain the trust of her patients.  She also goes on about how she will do whatever it takes to be good at her job and how there are more important things to deal in this world other than love.  All this talk about her job seems to bore Ji Heon to death but he bolts upright at the mention of the word "love".  Like the doctor, Judo Boy is also willing to do anything to please Yeon Woo, even putting an entire hard-boiled egg into his mouth, and eating it messily.  Hee!

Parking lot.  Brand new SUV --nice!  The medical director catches Yeon Woo slumped over the steering wheel on her car, seemingly spaced out.  They exchange morning pleasantries.  Do Wook quickly senses her apprehension and tells her that he's worried about her.

Geez, will we never run out of awkward moments? Awkward dinners, awkward meetings in elevators, awkward photoshoots?

Judo Boy meanwhile, starts a campaign to have Yeon Woo's athletes return to her care.  Super Junior is the first in line as Yeon Woo begins to rebuild her cred.  She texts Ji Heon, "The balloon must have worked!"   The medical director is also delighted with this development and he tells the medical board that it's about time that all this bad rep and rumors about Kim Yeon Woo die down, dammit!   

Back at the dojo, some jerk in a motorcycle nearly runs over Sang Bong.  Turns out that the Harley-riding jerk is a new member of Team Judo and he and Ji Heon battle it out during practice.  The latter injures his ankle and his ego as Go Bum (that's the jerk's name); arrogantly remarks after their spar, "There's nothing special about the national team."  What a douche!  Our favorite athlete gets treated at the medical center and Yeon Woo sadly informs him that he needs to stop practicing Judo for six weeks. Aww, poor Ji Heon.

Do Wook visits Yeon Woo's office and they discuss doctor-y stuff.  He suggests that they celebrate her victory (of having patients again) with a dinner, but she respectfully declines.  Hmm, is she over him?  All signs, including the schmoopy instrumental love song in the background, shout a resounding NO!  He leaves and closes the door.  Nonetheless, after a few seconds of pondering, Yeon Woo changes her mind and decides to run after Dr. Lee and to have that blasted dinner already; but she stops short at the door.  Ah, conflicting emotions abound.  Darling you gotta let me know.  Should I stay or should I go?

Missed dinners with Do Wook: 2

Ji Heon receives some good news.  The coach tells him that he'll be competing in Macau in place of Sang Bong.  Judo Boy is as extremely happy as a 10-year old who has received his first Xbox; and setting aside all concerns for his ankle, he gives himself a pep talk, "Park Ji Heon, you can do it!".  He then comes up with a plan to mask the pain in his leg by massive doses of painkillers, icing, and taping; "Wrap everything tightly so the tendon doesn't break and I can't feel anything."  Sang Bong is concerned with his bro but Ji Heon is adamant.

Cut to Kang Hee Young and her dilemmas.  Her number one athlete is being investigated for having high amounts of ephedrine in his urine.  This drama's Michael Phelps fervently denies the allegations of doping but since his primary care doctor is MIA, the medical board wants Do Wook to help them with this mess.  The director rejects their pleas including Hee Young's, even rudely telling her to display her tear-filled puppy-dog eyes somewhere else.  Oh, snap! :P  Again, we get five seconds of Hee Young's super-mopey time.

Later that night, Yeon Woo receives a mysterious call.  She then goes to a bar and her caller; a bartender, points to the passed-out drunk figure of the medical director in a nearby corner.  She drives him home and wakes him up.  He blinks, completely dazed and disoriented.  Uhm Tae Woong, you're so cute when you're drunk.  The doctor gets out of the car.  He falters and almost falls; but Yeon Woo supports and holds onto him -- in an almost barnacle-like manner if you ask me.  Hee!  Kenny G. in the background.

Ha!  It's amazing how the tables have turned.  Now it's Do Wook who's wasted and being stooopid.  He gets all weepy drunk and Yeon Woo gets a peek at the medical director's soapbox as he cries about his woes and troubles; "Do you know how pathetic I am?  I'm so pathetic."  He suddenly throws his glass and cries his heart out; "Why do I keep holding onto the past? Why? Why? Why?"  In Korean, "Wae? Wae? Wae?"  Tsk.  This is one poor, damaged, and broken soul who'll be having one heck of a nasty hangover tomorrow. 

Rocky ringtone.  Judo coach meets with Park Ji Heon and informs him that he's going to be kicked out of the team.  The coach tells him that he cannot risk having an injured athlete in the competition.  Ji Heon is close to tearing up as his pleas fall on deaf ears.  He leaves the building, shocked and angry.  Foreboding background music.  Ji Heon then sees Yeon Woo and he runs after her, grabs her shoulder and yells; "What did you do?  What exactly did you do?"

New Episode.  Park Ji Heon continues with his yell-a-thon,"What did you do?"  Kim Yeon Woo is shocked at this sudden outburst, "What are you talking about?"  He then produces his medical records and informs her that he got kicked out of the Olympic Village.  "You destroyed my dream.  You ended my athletic career,"  he exclaims.  "Until I die... you will not be forgiven."  He storms out, sits in a dark corner, and ponders his grim fate.  His nephew calls.  One whaaaburger with a side of french cries and a small Dr. Whimper, please.

Team practice.  Hooah!  The coach informs his athletes that Ji Heon has been expelled from Taereung due to his injuries.  Everyone can see how unfair this dismissal is and Sang Bong is clearly pissed.   

Rocky ringtone.  Sang Bong calls his bro, "How can you leave without telling me?"  "If I told you, you would have given me a goodbye party," Ji Heon answers sarcastically.  LOL! I love, love these two guys!  And to show how much he misses Ji Heon, Sang Bong's sad gaze lingers at the empty bed beside him.

It seems like our medical director had a change of heart while nursing his hangover this morning.  He agrees to help Korean Michael Phelps' case.  After an interview with the athlete, he orders Yeon Woo to search for any evidence of doping activities in the athlete's room.  Again, that's sooo House.  She brings over some of  the athlete's personal stuff, including his nasal spray, to the medical director.  She can't help but ask, as casually as she can muster, if his sudden change of mind is all because of Kang Hee Young.  He stops, then stares at her, "Dr. Kim Yeon Woo, do you like me?"  She gives him an astonished look, "Wha?"  Do Wook explains, "That seems like a question a woman who likes me would ask because she's jealous." WAHAHAHA!  She gets all flustered and to ease her embarrassment, he quickly retracts his insinuation. :P

Park Ji Heon travels back home and tells his nephew that he was sent home to have some much needed R&R.  Okay, what's with the harsh words, dongseo?

Upon Sang Bong's suggestion, Yeon Woo studies Team Judo's medical records, and discovers that Ji Heon was never wanted by the coach in the first place.  Furthermore, Ji Heon's injury is being used as a lame excuse to kick him out of the team.  Yeon Woo's adrenaline pumps like crazy and she dashes to the medical director's office.  He stands up, "Did you cause another accident?"  Wicked sense of humor! LOL! Yeon Woo tells him about her predicament and Do Wook tells her to wisen up and instead of spitting in the wind, she should do what doctors are supposed to do -- treat their patients.  Smart words.  I like how Do Wook is fast becoming Yeon Woo's mentor -- the Batman to her Robin, the Yoda to her Luke, the Mr. Miyagi to her Karate Kid I.

That night, Yeon Woo proceeds to Ji Heon's house just as he and his nephew is about to go out for dinner.  He tells her to leave but she invites herself to a meal anyway.  She sincerely apologizes to Ji Heon about the whole incident and admits that she is really worried about him.  That stops him dead on his tracks and he ponders over the meaning of her words.

Swimming pool. Hee Young finally gives some of her attention to the other non-winnable athletes, including that girl who keeps calling Ji Heon "butt".  She asserts that all athletes are equal and they are all important in her eyes. Swimmer girl stares at her, bewildered -- Geez coach, what have you been drinking this morning?  No seriously, look at her face.  Speaking of swimmer girl, she goes to Yeon Woo's clinic and lashes out at her, "Do you know that we had  been coming to you because Park Ji Heon told us to? "  And if it weren't for him, you'd still be sitting at your desk, playing Plants vs. Zombies the whole day!

Yeon Woo decides to talk some sense to Judo Boy.  She gives him an envelope containing a rehabilitation exercise program that will help heal his leg quickly.  He tells her to forget it, but she insists that this is in return for the fake patients he has been giving her -- "We'll call it even."  He ignores the envelope but that night, he pours over its contents. 

Olympic Committee Hearing.  The medical director arrives at the eleventh hour and informs the committee that the Korean Michael Phelps has been using nasal sprays.  That would explain the high levels of ephedrine in his urine and consequently proves that he has NOT been taking illegal drugs to amp up his performance.  The athlete is saved.

Another ordinary day at Taereung.  The medical director inquires about our home girl's case and when she gives a "meh" reply, he tells her to give up.  However, Yeon Woo has been acclimatized by now to Do Wook's weird antics and she knows that the doctor is being sarcastic.  Lee is amused.

Guess who's coming to dinner (again)?  Do Wook and Yeon Woo.  Everyone praises the medical director but the Vice President remarks that he does not look too well.  Lingering shots of concerned looks from the faces of the la-dies.  Yeon Woo sees Lee grasping tightly at his cane.  He stands up and excuses himself.  Hee Young can't help but notice the sincere apprehension and concern written all over Yeon Woo's face.  Hmm... is there a love rival in her midst? 

The female doctor rushes inside and sees the director hunched over with pain and barely able to stand.  He asks her to take him home.

Lee's Fortress of Solitude.  Yeon Woo helps him to his bed and gives him his painkillers.

Of course, she has to see Do Wook and Hee Young's, shiny happy people picture.  

Doorbell.  Yeon Woo steps out to answer it and sees Hee Young.  The swimming coach wants to thank the medical director for his help during the hearing.  My, my, Yeon Woo, aren't we a bit possessive?  Hee hee! The female doctor has a change of heart and tells Hee Young that she can go see him.  "You like him don't you?" the coach asks, referring to Do Wook.  Yeon Woo nods, "Yes."  But she adds, "It seems the person he needs isn't me.  It's you."  She then leaves Hee Young and drives home with tears in her eyes, bravely taking in all the unbearable pain of genuine loss and heartbreak like the gutsy girl that she is.  :((((((((((((

When she arrives home, she finds Ji Heon at the driveway.  He tells her that he will accept her treatment plan and will do whatever it takes to qualify for the competition.  He takes a step towards her and looks deep in her eyes, "I like you."  Truly, madly, deeply.       

Hoo boy! As I've written in my first paragraph, man oh man, these episodes pack an emotional gut punch.  Seriously, my brain can't take anymore emo-angst wallop.  It feels like being whacked in the head with several DVD copies of City of Angels.  

Anyhow, it looks like we're in for a happy treat next week as Yeon Woo and Ji Heon go out on their first fun-fun-fun date(?) and our girl gets all awkward around Do Wook now that she's finally admitted to herself that she likes him.  I will sorely miss Sang Bong and Ji Heon's bro-ments since they're not teammates anymore and Ji Heon has to start (again) at the bottom and exhaust all his efforts to qualify (again) for the Nationals.  We're also getting glimpses of Ji Heon's past.  Why do I get the uncomfortable feeling that Ji Heon is somehow the cause(?) of or otherwise, connected to his brother's death?

And Kang Hee Young, I've pretty much given up all hope on this character.  She's useless and she sucks all  the happy energy and light out of the room.  Honestly, those brain-eating monsters in Zombieland have much more personality than her.  But who knows, maybe she'll surprise us?  

As for the love triangle, well I'm still wooting for Team Do Wook/Yeon Woo (Go, fight!!).  Nonetheless, as long as they give Uhm Tae Woong more awesome screen time, I'm okay with whatever OTP the writers have in store for us.  It would also be great if they could delve on the mentor-apprentice relationship that's fast happening between our two physicians.  And yeah, writers, more MEDICAL ACTION please.  If Do Wook or Yeon Woo so much as performs colonic irrigation or an emergency tracheotomy on someone, I'll be as happy as a bean.  


  1. First post! Thanks for the funny review!

  2. Love your review ^^. Though now i must come to terms with the fact that YW will end up with Judo guy, I still cling to the hope for Dr-Dr couple:crying:.

  3. reply to the above post:

    there, there... we're not even halfway through the show and you're already crying? LOL! no, that's a joke! I think this current JH/YW ship can still turn around. I'm calling dibs on DW/YW. I'm pretty much certain YW still hasn't gotten over her feelings for the medical director. now, if only somebody would conk DW on the head and tell him to stop pining for that that gutless swim coach. I agree with Plucky, she's shallow and definitely beneath DW. who knows? on the next episodes, we might see DW slowly realizing what a great girl he has in front of him.

    plucky, thanks for the crazy recaps! ^^,

  4. i agree with jedi-knight. a lot of things can still happen and we may be in for a surprise. team do wook/yeon woo, fight fight!!!

  5. hi ! came across your blog while searching for queen seon deok. HAHAHA! i must say your posts are hilarious! i haven't watched Dr. Champ yet but now i'm very much interested and eager to get my start on it, having read your recaps. thank you very much. looking forward to more of your posts! <3

  6. I love your reviews! I hope you plan on continuing! I'm so with you on DW/YW, although it seems like we're in the minority lol. However, YW turns into such a weak character around him and he's so *angst* and *emotionally turmoil* all the time that I don't see them working out.

    Yes please to more UTW! I've never seen anything else he's been in but I'm loving his character here. He has such a easy charisma about him it's refreshing among Kdrama leads.

    I must have a thing for limping doctors with emotional damage since House is my favorite American character /WTF self???

  7. agree with everyone DW/YW fighting!!!

    HY is such a lifeless character, that I really cannot stand anymore...the actress playing the role does not help either...
    cannot wait until DW snaps and came back to reality.

  8. Hi everyone! Appreciate all the great comments and yes, I'll do my very best to keep recapping and reviewing Dr. Champ. ;) So here's hoping SBS doesn't start pulling off the licensing thingie and removing Dr. Champ from Viikii forever. *crosses fingers*

    Hmmm, do I really belong to the minority of those who fight for THE RIGHT SHIP that is Do Wook/Yeon Woo? Well then I say it's about darn time that we; the minority, the oppressed and downtrodden, bring in the slogans, march on the streets, and put our protest faces on!

    Hey Hey Ho Hooo,
    We Want Lee Do Wook and Kim Yeon Woo!
    Hey Hey Ho Ho,
    Kang Hee Young has got to go!

  9. Oh hai! Long time no see... I DID have the intention of keeping up with you recaps but alas, my desicion to wait for more WithS2 subs kept me away from all things Dr Champ as I wanted to avoid spoilers. All caught up now. Yeah, my aim not to watch raws lasted as far as the preview in ep 5. Sigh. Well, having to re-watch with subs gives me more UTW time, so.....

    Great recaps again. I've had fun LOLing my way through them.

    Word on Cha Ye Ryun's acting. I've only seen her in one other drama before and she was just as much of a non-presence there too. Besides, she does not seem to have chemistry with anyone. Someone as bland as she is should not be cast as The Wet Blanket.

    I've been wondering what happened to Yeon Woo's spunk too. She's been a bit too much of a simpering miss lately. Maybe Kang Hee Young's presence sucked all the pep out of her as well.... She did develope a crush on our grumpy Dr pretty early on but as someone who's had an epic!crush on UTW since Mawang I kinda understand.

    Uhm Tae Woong, you're so cute when you're drunk.

    Yup, yup. Well, I basically just think he's cute. ;P

    I have no idea where they are going with this story and sometimes I do wonder if TPTB know either. When it comes to romance it's been sort of a merry-go-round with A loves B loves C loves D and on they go. Whole lotta one sided love. At least the bromance is blooming. I'm not a shipper so I'm not generally all that invested in who ends up with whom.


  10. Hi! Came across your blog because I'm currently on the hunt for anything Uhm Tae Woong. I usually just smile when I'm reading funny reviews/posts but your reviews actually make me laugh out loud. Your reviews are gloriously biased towards UTW and best of all, they feature a whack load of his pictures. Yes, I've struck gold! Keep up the good work!

  11. Hello, guys! Again, thanks for all the comments!

    Hi T, welcome back! I must say I'm rather envious of you steering clear away from all these crazy shipping wars. Ultimately, you'll be spared from all the OTP angst and melodrama while I may or may not cry painful teardrops at the end of this series. (Augh!) So, I'm already prepping myself for that (readying the kleenex, chocolates, ice cream, etc.) :P Nonetheless, I remain pumped and excited for what promises to be a rather exciting love quadrangle.

    Kang Hee Young, aish!

    Gosh, is my fangirl infatuation with UTW really a bit too obvious? Haha! Coz that is exactly what my older sibling has been telling me. In her words, and I quote verbatim, "All day long I hear you say how cute, or how awesome, or how great, or how broodingly hot Uhm Tae Woong is. Uhm Tae Woong, Uhm Tae Woong, Uhm Tae Woong! All day long it's Uhm Tae Woong!" I guess, I'll try to be more subtle next time.. Or not? Hee hee!

    We love our guy; UTW! :)