Friday, August 6, 2010

(Almost) At The End of All Things

Four more episodes and I'll be reaching the finale of Queen Seon Deok!!! Whee!! No more sleepless nights and missed dinners!  I'm hoping to finish the entire series this weekend but I've got some laundry to do and I really need to start studying seriously.  Why is it that when you're watching your favorite show or reading a good novel, time seems to move faster than normal?

I used to hate Chun Chu, like really really hate.  But I've had a change of heart since he teamed up with Deokman.  After being rescued from the dark side and surviving Mishil's vengeance, he has developed maturity and unparalleled wisdom beyond his years.  His Confucian principles, Zen-like calmness, and youthful yet sharp perspicacity bring a refreshing change to the tumultuous and often violent palace atmosphere.  Sometimes, besides Yushin, Chun Chu displays the most pragmatic intelligence and logic within Deokman's camp.  Even the princess gets swayed by her emotions once or twice.  True, nothing tops Mishil's acumen (SPOILER ALERT!!!) but she's dead anyway.  So yeah, Yushin and Chun Chu are now the most brilliant people in the palace.  More on Mishil's death, its' repercussions, and the subsequent events in my final review. :-)

Haha!! I love the great aerial shots and everyone's "mature" look! :-)



Ah, my virtuous general, Kim Yushin, why, why, WHY are you always caught between the devil and the deep blue sea?  For crying out loud, can't this universe give you a break??? 

Lord Seolwon, you are breaking my heart (sniff)!!! (Seolwon: "Seju... I miss you.") Surprisingly, we all do too.  Here comes the sad love song!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

Smirky, you cannot control the dark side.  It is in your blood.  You may be able to repress it this time, but sooner or later, it's gonna creep out and explode in full force like the numerous times you've cried since you were introduced in episode 21.  Ugh, I hate crybabies!  And don't you get any ideas.  Deokman may be falling for you, but that's because you guys have been spending more time with each other since episode 50, you being the commish or whatever; while Yushin has been out there in the battlefield, spilling blood for years, and practically saving your asses so you two can have your saccharine heart-to-hearts, slowmo hugs, and schmoopy flashbacks.  In short, Bidam, you are just a rebound! Aargh, I'm starting to hate these episodes!!!  

Deokman, what the f---?  I implore you, do not, DO NOT, por favor, fall for the dark side. 

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