Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grammar Nazi and Other Things

My teachers, even those way back in high school, have been constantly telling me that I have a nasty habit of writing in run-on sentences.  "How you converse is different from how you should write," they would say.  So, I'm going to make a resolution to shorten my sentences or to just put in conjunctions here and there.  Better check my grammar as well. Hmm... On second thought, since this is an informal blog, I don't really need to be meticulous and immensely accurate in my English.  So yeah, whatever, grammar police.

This weather is totally killing me.  It would be so hot and humid in the mornings and it's torrential downpour during the afternoons and evenings.  So, I'm basically drenched in sweat at the start of my  classes and then a drowned rat going home.  The road construction near our house hasn't been finished yet (three months and counting, people!!!), so my shoes would always be soaked and caked with mud.  

Let's say you broke up with someone months ago and now, you're way past the grieving period.  Unfortunately, your Facebook account is still littered with you ex-boyfriend's friends, cousins, siblings, heck; even his parents!  Now, what do you do?  Do you de-friend them or just leave your account as it is?  On a side note, would you even de-friend your ex?  It has been months now and I have yet to remove my ex-boyfriend on my Facebook page.  Ironically though, he still hasn't de-friended me either.  Hmm... Is this out of silent respect or are we both waiting for each other to do the first move?  Honestly, it irks me every time I see his primary thumbnail pic on my profile.  Sheesh, there should be a Facebook protocol for this.  

Sigh.  Here comes the rain...

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