Monday, August 23, 2010

Cyrano's World

I love Uhm Tae Woong!! My guy has got a new movie coming out this September (in Korea, of course.  I don't know when it will ever reach these shores. Harumph!)  entitled Cyrano Dating Agency.  It's a clever take on the Cyrano De Bergerac Play and the more recent Cyrano De Bergerac Film which starred my favorite Frenchman, Gerard Depardieu.  It's great that Uhm Tae Woong (still have to figure out how to pronounce his name) is now venturing into lighter, comedic roles.  His previous works in Queen Seon Deok and The Devil all showed his excellent acting skills in drama.  But there were also some rare moments; particularly in Queen Seon Deok; where we  were able to see his quirky, goofy side.  I love that scene where he severely reprimands (or tries to, anyway) Deokman for having her own  "missions" and "secret investigations" without first telling him.  Deokman, a bit shocked by this mixture of anger and concern; uses this opportunity to shush all the suspicions of the Hwarangs who can hear them from the other side of their door; by telling Yushin to "pump it up".  He  gamely puts up with her bluff; makes his voice louder and more agitated; then amps up the drama by kicking a nearby furniture! Hee hee!  

I digress.  Where were we?  Right, Cyrano.  So yeah, I'm extremely excited to see Uhm play the ambitious, stiff upper-lipped head of a dating agency which boasts a 99% success rate.  Per the Cyrano tale, complications will  ensue when Uhm's character falls for his client's girl.  Choi Daniel plays the extremely introverted client and Lee Min Jeong as both of the men's object of affection.  Rounding up the cast is Park Shin-hye as Uhm's assistant.  Recently, the cast was featured in an Elle spread and Uhm looks absolutely dashing with his Sherlock Holmes-esque duds and swagger.  Yay!  Park exudes an air of sexiness, confidence, and danger -- a far cry from the cutesy image she has in You're Beautiful.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Cyrano Dating Agency's trailer is extremely funny though I cannot understand a word they're saying.  LOL!  Uhm Tae Woong with his wads of Kleenex is just HI-LA-RIOUS! :-)

I'm crossing my fingers that this movie will be shown here.  Otherwise, I'll have to resort to downloading or online streaming again which I'm trying to have the patience for.  I swear; one day, that buffering timer-from-hell or whatever it is, is going to make me snap, aargh!  Ah, the travails of living outside of Korea.


  1. hey! i couldnt understand a word either, but excited! and do u know which song is being played in the background of the trailer?

  2. Hi Raphael! Sorry, I don't know the pop songs used in the trailer either. They may be included on the soundtrack though. I do recognize Beethoven's 5th. :-)

  3. OMG! I like your QSD reviews...and you also like Yushin err...Uhm Tae Woong! I, too, would love to watch Cyrano...Park Shin Hye is also in it. Thanks for the wacky reviews and entries ^_*
    I've become a fan lol

  4. Hi Anonymous! You're welcome. Always glad to meet a fellow member of Team Yushin/Uhm Tae Woong. Yay! I swear, If Korea was like, not in another continent; I would be sprinting there like crazy to see Cyrano. So let's all hope this clever comedy gets an international release soon. :-) 평화