Saturday, August 14, 2010

Coming This Fall

I'm getting sick of watching reruns and getting even more exhausted with watching reruns of the reruns!  Ugh.  I cannot wait for September to come!  Chuck and Blair!!  In Paris!! Damon and Elena!! Jack Bauer... (Oh yeah, right.)  Huddy (shudder)?  Sadly, Heroes has been cancelled (sniff).  How could a show that used to have so much potential just go downhill and become such an awful mess?  Tsk.  I miss Peter...  I may start watching Smallville again since this season may be its last.  That show has officially jumped the shark when Michael Rosenbaum left and the subsequent seasons became a bit "meh-ish" for me.  And Clark Kent is still dumb as ever.  Hooo  boy!

I'm also looking forward to my favorite geeks; Sheldon and Co.   How fun would it be if Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) actually wins the Emmy?  Do Geeks really rule the world? :-)

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