Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Eh-ffice Season 7 Premiere

Erin, seriously?  This guy?
Considering that this will be Steve Carell's last season in The Office, I was hoping that Thursday's season premiere would come out with a bang.  But meh, nothing much has changed.  The music video at the beginning of the show did not excite me at all and I just found it a wee bit funny (probably because I've already seen much of it posted on youtube and on the NBC site) and kinda desperate for laughs.  The only "whoa" moment for me was when Gabe (yep, GABE!!) gave Erin an awkward peck on the cheek whilst in front of a poor, heartbroken Andy.  Erin confessed that she and Gabe had been going steady and the reason she agreed to go out with him was because Gabe was her boss.  Somebody, alert Toby!!!  Of course, Andy flat out denied being jealous.  Nope, the Nard Dog took anger management classes, remember?  He then proceeded to use visualization techniques to control his emotions -- imagining a beautiful beach, calm ocean... and a whale having Gabe for desserts.  Haha! Andy, you funny!  I have to admit that this eccentric love triangle between Erin, Andy, and Gabe is one of things I'll be most excited about this season, the other one being the inevitable reunion between Michael and true-wuv Holly Flax.  When, oh when, is this going to happen, NBC?  Okay, I'm going to be patient...  

Dwight, true to character of being the new owner of Dunder Mifflin's building, behaved like a total dic*-tator throughout the episode -- controlling the office temperature, arrogantly prancing around, carrying his humongous set of keys, and yelling to anyone who did not abide by his rules.  And as for Pam and Jim... Ah, we get it!  You guys are adorable and cute and your domestic bliss is the envy of every housewife living from Wisteria Lane to  New Jersey, but dude, those pranks are getting old and not cute at all.  Seriously, the writers need to do something exciting for this couple.  

Meanwhile, the ultra-funny and lovely Kelly Kapoor, spent the summer taking a minority management training program at Yale and sort of, tried to rub it on anyone who cares -- albeit fruitlessly.  LOL! 

Michael hired a new assistant named Luke who, inspite of his incompetence and utter disrespect to everyone, Michael stubbornly refused to fire -- much to the chagrin of his employees.  As it turned out, Luke was actually Michael's nephew, hence the show's title: Nepotism.  Michael tried, really tried, to tolerate Luke as much as possible but when the punk annoyed  Michael to death with his verbal imitation games (honestly, is this jackass like, five years old?) the world's greatest boss just lost it and spanked him like his mother!  As a consequence, corporate agreed to address Michael's use of corporal punishment by having him take sessions of counselling from his mortal "enemy": HR rep, Toby Flenderson.  Oh, the look of horror on Michael's face!!

All in all, nothing much to be crazy about aside from the aforementioned love triangle.  I'm really hoping that The Office' excite-o-meter perks up soon.  Otherwise, I might just lose interest to the show and to the characters.  Ah shucks, who am I kidding?  I love The Office very much that I'm willing to wait patiently for the show to regain the smart, fast, and confident comedy that it used to have.   Peace out, girl scout! :)

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