Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh Mon Dieu!

If you have yet to see the season premiere of Gossip Girl, please stop reading.  Warning:  Spoilers ahead!

Well, everybody iz hurtin' in zis epizode.  It takes time to get over a heartbreak -- not even the art treasures of Louvre, the best art galleries; neither Paris' cozy cafes, nor shopping in Les Grand Magasins can mend a broken heart.  And being sexually promiscuous isn't going to help ease the pain either.  That's right, Nate.

Blair shoves Serena into a  fountain! Absolutely wacky and side-splitting! This is the reason why I adore these frenemies!  Then they kiss and make-up after an honest admission from Blair.  Apparently,she's still getting over the pain from her breakup with Chuck and she desperately needs Serena right now.  Touche.

So they're both going to Columbia?  LOL!  Let the catfights and the hissy fits begin -- IVY league style, of course!   Love, love those fabulous clothes.  :)

Erm, do modern-day princes still disguise themselves as modest folks just to test their potential flames' true wuv and honesty?  That's is so... Dickensian.  Ah Blair, why are you always such a prince-disguised-as-a-pauper magnet?  

Evil b**** and baby mama, Georgina -- still wreaking havoc to the Humphrey's.  Rufus, boring and edgy as usual.  Man, will you flippin' relax?  Dan's a natural at this parenting thing?  Haha!  Let's see you how you manage college and diaper rash, Lonely Boy.  And yeah, the new 'do is cute.  Oh, drat!  Why.  Is.  Vanessa.  Still.  Around?  Didn't those 3-D piranhas finish her off already? 

Chuck, very much alive and looking hot and sexy as ever with Fleur Delacour from The Goblet of Fire.  Honestly Chuck, Henry?  Can't you come up with a more non-lame name?  Chenry and Fleur head to Paris.  Can't wait for the inevitable train station-set reunion between Chuck and Blair next week!  That is going to be AWESOME!

Nate catches the eye of a young woman who agrees to help him with his re-lay-shun-ship problems. GASP!  Is she?  Could she?  Possibly be?... Gossip Girl?  Sacre bleu!

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