Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank You, Readers!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you guys for having the interest and the patience to read this blog.  It has been a thrill connecting with you, dear readers, for the past three months.  I've been checking on my stats lately and I've found out that the most frequently read posts in my blog are my final reviews of Queen Seon Deok.  I was a relatively new blogger when I wrote those entries so you would notice that some of the paragraph alignments, placement of pictures, even grammar, were slightly off.  But thank you very much for reading them anyway.  (I've decided not to re-edit those posts to preserve their "ancient authenticity".)

A friend once asked me if I'd be doing a review of Dong Yi soon and I may.  But that would still depend on my mood and academic load when I finish watching the first 50 episodes.  I'm hoping to accomplish that before the month ends (crosses fingers).   As expected, due to high ratings, MBC has decided to extend the franchise to 20 more monster episodes (again, with the milking! grrr!).  So, I'd probably have to write a Dong Yi Review: Part Deux.  

In the meantime, I might just blog on anything that I see on TV, read on a magazine or a book, hear on the news; rant about life on college, or do recaps and reviews of my favorite movies or shows.  At any rate, I do hope you'll continue to come back and read my latest entries.  I have to apologize that sometimes, I do tend to ramble and digress.  At other times,  I would make some grammer, er... grammar mistakes as I'm a little bit lazy re-reading my posts; much less checking for correct subject-verb agreement, misuse of articles and prepositions, dangling modifiers, etc.  On a lazy day, I might even write something dumb and totally boring.  Nonetheless, I'll do my very best to hold your interest and I'll try to re-check and review my articles from time to time to make them free from errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics.  

Thanks for bearing with me.  I welcome all comments, feedback, rants, criticism, flaming, or what have you.  Anything is appreciated.  Again, thank you!!!  Peace out! 

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