Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oral Exams and Fall TV

Wow! This week has been really overwhelming (and it's only Wednesday).  Assignments are starting to pile up and this is also the time that professors are starting to give out those little nasty surprise quizzes and oral examinations to check if your brain has actually absorbed something during the last meeting (mostly, you don't).  The last time I had a pop oral exam was a year ago and it was with one of the most difficult and fastidious Economics professors in the university.  I nearly had a heart attack when she called my name and ordered me to discuss consumer behavior and indifference curves.  She was completely stoic the whole time I was struggling with my answer and perspiring in buckets.  When I was finished, all she did was give me a "harumph" kind of snort.  I never found out what grade I got in that oral exam and worse, I had indigestion for a week.

These past few weeks have also been eventful especially for television because a lot of new shows (Hawaii Five-O, Outsourced, Nikita, etc.) as well as returning TV series, have had their season premieres.  Ah, one of the reasons why I love fall. :-) Some are yet to start their run this week but the fact remains that there are plenty of shows that I would sooo love to watch and write/rant about, but I don't know where to start.  On top of that, I'm also aiming to finish Dong Yi's 50th episode before the week ends.  On my previous post, I blogged that I would be writing my initial review of the much-beloved K-drama soon.  However, downloading three to four episodes of Dong Yi every night, watching them, taking notes, remembering all the characters and past events; while DVRing my favorite TV series, and trying (more like pretending) to read about nomenclatures and isomers; all seem to be too much work.  It's driving me nuts.

Recently, a friend encouraged me to work as a part-time library assistant to supplement my meager allowance.  Apparently, he was sick of hearing me whine about how I was always completely broke -- I've been doing that since Freshman year.  Hee!  "It's extra cash and if you could save enough, it would help pay off your student loans," he insisted.  But as much as I appreciate his uh, thoughtfulness; I had to politely decline.  Juggling college, social life, TV, and blogging takes a lot of time and commitment.  Besides, I intend to run from my student loans the moment I get my diploma by moving to a remote village in Asia, South America, or Fiji.  They can't take my money if I'm not in the country, right?  Right?  Boy, I really must be going nuts.

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  1. doesn't work, plucky. i've tried god knows, a hundred different ways to run from my student loans and they still haunted me. so now, look at me, rotting, smelly, and six feet under and them friggin collections people are still knocking at my tombstone demanding money. mwahahaha!