Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The League of Bieberettes

Okay, so the ubiquitous Justin Bieber won Best New Artist on this year's MTV Video Music Awards.  Wow, talk about POWER.  This guy, at the tender age of 16, has got it all -- an ultra-hot mentor, a Lamborghini, a solid fan base numbering... I don't know, a ji-jillion?  He's got his own music monarchy, his devoted legionnaires, his imperial army of teens and pre-teens -- even his legion of fans make up about 3% of Twitter's servers at any given time.  A Twitter employee sums up the magnitude of the ever-growing Bieber mania, "Every time Bieber tweets, his messages have to be delivered to more than five million people who then endlessly retweet it."  Whoa!  Jay Leno even comments that were Justin not a minor, or a Canadian citizen for that matter; he can easily win the US presidency on a landslide.  LOL!  And now, the guy is about to be on CSI!

Justin, if my world is your world, why don't you give me that sweet $200K  Ferrari?

It used to be that I could only hear Justin's pipes whenever I tune in to MTV.  But now, he's basically everywhere -- trending on the Internet, on TMZ (getting smacked on the head by that flying water bottle and bumping on revolving doors in a continuous loop); on E!, Fox and Friends, Nick, etc.  I see his face plastered all over malls.  I hear his songs on my best friend's playlist, on my playlist (oops!), and on my mom's "For Jogging" playlist!  One study group mate actually observes, "Wow.  Don't you guys feel that Justin's your boyfriend?  I mean everywhere you go, you see him."

A few months ago, I visited a friend in PA and sat next to a group of female 14-year olds in the bus.  One of them cranked up her cell phone in full Dolby volume and played a Justin Bieber song.  The other girls, as if suddenly struck by bolts of lightning, went absolutely berserk!

"Oh my God!  I totally love this song, like freakin' loove it!"
"Did you guys see Justin on Leno?  Like OMG, he's totally hot, like dreamy hot!"
"Yeah, he's awesome!"
"And he plays the drums like crazy!"
"Roy Stevenson told everyone in class that Justin Bieber is a jerk."
"No way!  That Roy is an ugly moron!"
"Yeah, he sure is.  Like a total loooser!"

They were still ragging loudly on how much of a butt-face and an idiot poor Roy Stevenson was, oblivious to the dagger stares being given to them; when the bus driver stood up and snapped, "Young misses, if you don't keep quiet, everyone here is ready to karate chop you!"  That instantly shut them up.  Heh!


  1. Yeah, really! I was a bit surprised myself. You won't believe the songs in her "jogging" playlist -- Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha -- all the top songs in Billboard. It's funny, but that's how ultra-hip my mom is. Haha! Love her!

  2. oh baby, baby, baby, oh... haha! the perfect song for ur profile pic!