Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Social Network - Their Reviews

Everyone's raving about Aaron Sorkin's The Social Network.  I have yet to see the movie, being awfully busy with classes and other stuffs these past several days, but I promised myself to watch it on the next few weeks.  I have great faith in Sorkin whose credits include the political movies; A Few Good Men, The American President, and the political drama; The West Wing.  I must admit I have a thing for this genre.  The complex power play, schemes and counter-schemes, travails, the endless conspiracies, the perfidiousness of human nature - these are enough compelling reasons for me to spend a considerable amount of time glued to the tube.  

I believe I plugged The Social Network in one of my posts earlier this month.  The reason I did that is I have a cousin who worked on that film.  He was one of the movie's set designers, or so he claims.  For all I know, he was the lowly guy who delivered donuts to the film crew because he never gave us premiere tickets.

So the other day, I came up with an idea to interview some people regarding their thoughts on the movie.  Here are their brilliant responses:

Question:  Do you like The Social Network?

"Everyone's a selfish jackass in that film." - Dean, classmate.

"It's already the 9th.  When do you plan to pay your rent?'" - Ms. Stephenson, my landlady.

"Can't you see I'm growing fungus here?  GET OUT!!!- Matt a.k.a. Crankypants, BS BIO.

"I don't even have a Facebook account." Sally, resident hobo of Class 2011

"Lurv it!!!" - Kim, who still maintains her MySpace and Friendster accounts and who has 6,000+ friends whom she never sees.

"Are you already working on that report?  Coz we promised to turn it first thing on Monday, remember?  Don't tell me you haven't worked on it yet?  Gaaad, I knew this would happen?" - My obnoxious lab partner.

"Meh, I like The Video Website better." - Koopa

Now this movie, I would definitely see.


  1. LOVED it!!! the vid i mean...

    as for the social network. it's definitely in my must-watch-later list...
    reasons for delay: come on, it's about a college nerd, how good can it get? (probably really good)
    i am out of time... i don't have a facebook... and i'm out of excuse...
    sigh. i should watch it. just haven't mustered enough motivation to watch it RIGHT NOW...

  2. oops. i saw your reply on the other comment but somehow totally forgot to reply here... i guess i was too busy figuring out WHY i haven't seen the social network yet. tee hee.

    yes, glad to know you also find jin young suk hot. i can't wait for the bromance and FRIENDLY rivalry between him and jung heon once they get over the dead hyung issue.

    and yes, we have things in common! although honestly, it's not that hard to find someone who likes CHAIR+Damon+music (ok, maybe less so for the later). it wasn't prep talk btw. i was truly impressed... usually, what people come up with french is either bonjour + merci + ou lala. XD
    I speak a bit of spanish too (took it in school in france) but i'm really a failure at it.

    Lol...for me, I TRIED to learn korean through watching shows... didn't work that well.. so i decided i had to learn it the hard way if i wanted to watch the raws (i'm too impatient to wait for the subs) so here I am,strugling with it... i also sing along (badly) for songs so it helps.

    and yes, i agree about UTW's eyebrows.. QSD!!! loved it! (although admittedly, i was weary of it by the end)

    sorry for the long post. i have no life (aka time) during the week so i'm overcompensating during the week end. XD

  3. Hi anonymous! As always, I really, really like your lively and insightful comments! Reading them feels like sitting down with an old friend and having a nice chat on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Hmm, learning Korean through music is a great and interesting idea. Must definitely try it one of these days when the house is empty. Never got any talent on the singing department. Start downloading the Wonder Girls album! Nobody but you! :)

    Haha, don't even get me started on BROMANCE. Just the idea of Ji Heon and Sang Bong sharing a scene for more than 10 seconds is enough to make me hyperventilate and faint, like I always do whenever I watch Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. :)

    Wow, thanks for your support and encouragement with my French. I may actually have some functional success with this language after all. Hee!

    Ah Uhm Tae Woong.. How would I describe him? Let me count the ways: He is the Lancelot to my Guinevere ,the Zorro to my Spanish dancer, the Richard Burton to my Elizabeth Taylor, the ....

    Now that I think about it, I'm having second thoughts as to whether Lee Do Wook and Kim Yeon Woo would actually be this drama's One True Pair. I rewatched the last episode and boy, oh boy, Ji Heon and Yeon Woo definitely have such fun and great chemistry together. And that's kind of a big blow to me bacause I've been rooting for, prepping up, and defending the doctor-doctor ship since forever! Augh! SBS, give me my OTP or give me death!

    Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Again, thank you and looking forward to reading more of your responses. Au revoir! :)

  4. Uh, Monday morning classes.. bummer..

  5. lol.. just passing by...
    thank you for liking my comments but i'm afraid this one is short... im in lab right now, waiting for some chemical stuff to happen so i have only a short amount of time.
    yes. uh. monday morning classes = major bummer... especially since i haven't slept a wink for the past 2 days trending kim hee chul on twitter (dont mind me.. i know it's immature...)
    it took me a while 2 re-find ur blog. probably because im too tired from lack of sleep but i typed chocolate and philosophy blogspot and i got this other blog.. and i was like huh? how come she posted so many new posts... i think the reason i got deceived was because the first post was about some kind of alcohol stuff and i guess, in my mind, i thought it wasn't too far from the dong yi drinking game.
    sigh. anyways, yes.. try to sing-along.. it's fun. everytime i sing, my brother tells me to shut up so apparently, im not the best singer but i enjoy it.. i'm even in my college's choir. haha. XD. "i want nobody, nobody but you..."
    and yes. bromance.. i'm totally into bromance everytime it shows up in drama/movies, etc.
    OMG... you're description of UTW made me feel like we DO share a whole lot of stuff in common. i LOVE zorro (all versions. XD) and richard burtonxelizabeth taylor and lancelot... i didnt think i would find someone my age who would like those stuff.. i have found a few.. but that's it. only a few. may i add, he's like clark gable and vivan leigh.. haha. XD. nevermind. im suddenly too romantic. i love all the 30-50s stuff with gene kelly, julie andrews, audrey hepburn (and professor higgins) and all that. haha.

    and i think for dr champ, one of us would have to be slightly disappointed... because im definitely a believer of athelte-doctor (although i dont mind if it's not happening).

    lol.. now THAT was short... NOT. i guess it's my incurable tendency to ramble.. and i know i might sound drunk (i FEEL drunk) but i'm not.. it's just my brain shutting down telling me i should go to sleep..

  6. speaking of music... did you see this chinese kid play the piano?? 0_0 it took me two years of learning the piano to play that song with HANDS...!

  7. Haha! Found the blog you accidentally ran into ( LOL! Didn't know there exists a blog whose domain name is almost similar as mine. It's in German and mostly about recipes, cocktails... Holy moley, that pesto looks good! Okay, Google translate just crashed! :P

    I've actually been thinking of renaming my blog for quite some time now, but I can't think of any clever substitute name yet. Someone actually pointed out that with my blog's name bearing the word philosophy in it, I haven't actually written a thing or two on the subject. But much as I like philosophy, you know, discussing what is real and what is not, then having lunch; 90% of the people in the world find philosophy boring. So I wont be writing anything about Descartes or Nietchze soon.

    Yep, I have a thing for old movies (especially those with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn). Everyone seemed so regal, charming, and romantic back then. Oh yeah, I remember having a major crush on Marlon Brando (back when he was super-young and super-hot, of course) when I was 10, having seen him in A Streeetcar Named Desire on TNT. Thus, you can imagine my horror when I next saw him in The Godfather! What the... That's MY Marlon Brando???

    Thanks for sharing the vid. This guy is Awesome! I'm gonna share this link to my mom. She loves Clayderman dearly and I know she'll like the the sweet and inspiring backstory. Hmmm, I haven't played any Clayderman before but I've got a lot of his albums. Does that count? :P

    Yeah, Dr. Champ! Very eager to see how the love quadrangle will play out! I'm actually having antisocial thoughts of flying to South Korea, breaking in to the SBS studio, then stealing their scripts!

    Anyways, GTG, breakfast's a-waitin'- ramen and coke! :)

    BTW, could you recommend any Korean albums, songs, or singers? Again, thanks for the lovely and funny comments. Keep 'em comin! Now, get some sleep! :))))

  8. OMG... i can't believe i exeeded the number of characters allowed. sorry, i dont have time to edit.. ill just divide it into two parts.

    lol... i don't want to get too used to replying right away cuz everytime i comment, it almost automatically means another long rant and i have heaps of homework... TT.TT
    but reading your reply, it's like a magnet drawing me in to reply immediately to it instead of pushing it back to later... i should have more self-control in life. some say it's overrated.. i say the lack of it is ruining my life, although i get a kick out of it...

    LOL... was the blog in german?? I must have been more sleepy than i thought... I totally didn't realize that when I went into it... i almost didnt believe it so i went back to check... i was shocked to find out it was really in german.. how did i not realize that? maybe because I understand a bit of german but most probably because I had my eyes half-closed..
    btw, sorry for my earlier comment. i reread it and i sound seriously incoherent. -_-"

    about the blog name.. my english teacher had one awesome one but i forgot what it was...something like playwithwords or something... and philosophy...i'm not an expert but i took a class for fun during the summer about modern issues such as death penalty, abortion, homosexual marriages, hunger, euthanasia and we were debating based on the ethical aspects of them... and dang.. that class had my brain working and i loved it... although i went out of it not knowing how i should feel about many things. as for descartes.. duh. i had to study him like crazy in france.. hehe.

  9. old movies... totally LOVE them.. and OMG... GRACE KELLY might be my all-time fav actress from that period. her and audrey hepburn and julie andrews. i have almost ALL of her movies, including all of her Hitchcock movies of course but also the lesser known ones.. my all time fav would be rear window, which also has my fav Hitchcock pairing ever... jimmy steward is just yummy and my fav actor of that time and ive seen all the movies he's in, even the harder to find ones. but i went crazy for gregory peck for a while. and i know cary grant is huge but i never liked him as an actor. i loved his movies but never him. as for audrey hepburn, ive seen all her movies and of course i like sabrina and roman holiday (my fav)... she was so pretty. but i also love her lesser known ones like an affair in the afternoon (this title might be incorrect because i watched it in france so i'm just translating it). breakfast at tiffany's of course. and my fair lady and singing in the rain tops as my all-time fav musical (followed by west side story and sound of music). war and peace, of course. but i LOVED how to steal a million.. that one was brilliant but i loved it mainly for peter o'toole.. he has marvelous eyes. then i also liked charade. and yes... marlon brando.. THE icon of sexy man. people still imitate him now in photoshoots. i saw him in the godfather first to be honest. so for me, when i saw him in streetcar, i liked it a lot. although i seriously pity blanche... which reminds me that i love vivian leigh as well. and clark gable. sigh. why did i have to crush on long-gone hotties.

    hehe.. clayderman... honestly, i totally forgot that marriage d'amour was of clayderman. i usually associate songs with the composer rather than the player but when i was young, my mom had clayderman's cd on constant replay.. then, my father couldn't stand it anymore and put a stop to it.

    ive seen doctor champ! cant wait for ur review.

    OMG... i LOVE ramen... it's not even funny. as for coke and carbonated soda. i HATE them because i never had them when i was young so i'm not used to the prickly feeling. whenever i did something wrong, it was a punishment for me to drink it.

    as for korean music, if i may say so myself, i'm quite the expert.. however, im hesitant to recommend anything not knowing your taste. if you like trendy music, electro-pop music, rock music, indie music, popular hit song music, or powerful voice music. of course, i have my fav group but it's not exactly because of their music. and although i LOVE catchy songs, i don't know if u would consider that music as opposed to something the caliber of mariah carey. i'm probably over thinking this but i hate to disappoint.

    glad you enjoy my comments. honestly, i think that long comments can sometimes be quite burdensome.

    and i'm off to do hwk! im going to try to stay away from this blog... XD

  10. LOL! No problem, I really like your comments, no matter what the length. :))

    I have to admit, I'm a total noob when it comes to Korean Music. The only Korean singers I know are Rain and the Wonder Girls! I also discovered Big Bang when I accidentally got routed to a fan site while searching for images of The Big Bang Theory. As for my choice of music, well, I'm partial for the Classics but I would occasionally bop my head to Beyonce, Usher, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber. So, I'm pretty much all-around as long as the songs are not too screamy or screechy. Speaking of the Classics, I've recently downloaded Lee Ji Soo's Dream of You album and his piano play is just beautiful and soulful. I particularly like his version of Arirang. :)

    Yep, already watched Ep. 5 of Dr. Champ last night! Pure shipping awesomeness! Hee! Will watch the next episode as soon as Viikii's up and running. Gonna write the recaps within the week. Like you, I've got tons of acad stuffs piling up. Agh!

    Wow, you do have a huge vast of knowledge when it comes to languages and movies! Totally impressed!

    As always, thanks for the wonderful response and good luck with your studies! "See" you soon! :P