Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweet Sweet Lee DeWyze

Finally, Lee DeWyze releases his first single!!! Hallelujah! Been rooting for this doe-eyed, nice-rocker guy-with -an-edge since day one of American Idol's ninth season.  True story: my former roommie, who isn't a big fan of AI but watches it anyway, initially thought that Lee was Asian. One time, when I missed an episode  of  the show and asked her (with much dread), if Lee got eliminated, she replied, "Lee? I didn't see any Chinese guy among the contestants." Totally forgetting how sensitive she can be, I remarked dryly, "No, you dweeb! Lee is American! My, aren't WE a little racist?".  She refused to speak to me for the rest of the evening :P 

Back to Lee.  Well, for the rest of the season, I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I behaved like a loyal, obedient, snivelling, servant of Team Lee - calling, texting, posting shout-outs on Facebook, MSN, and Twitter; and annoying my friends and family to death ("Mom, Dad.. no, you have to CALL the number to vote for Lee.  No, you have to do it NOW.  Yes, NOW. And uh, could you also ASK EVERYONE in church to vote for him? Right, do not forget to tell the NEIGHBORS too.  Gottago! Byemissyou!")    

Some music critics have pointed out that Lee DeWyze' pipes have a lot of similarities to John Mayer, Dave Matthews, and Jack Johnson and yeah, maybe there is; but there's a certain richness, raspiness, and refinement in his instrumentals and vocals that separates him from the afore-mentioned singers.  His renditions of Falling Slowly with Crystal Bowersox, The Boxer, and Beast of Burden are among the best of the season and one can hear the amazing control and sweet power in his notes as he pours his heart out to his listeners.

Lee debuts Sweet Serendipity.  Pure awesomeness!


  1. LOL! i'm happy for Lee too. gonna buy his album the moment it comes out. and I mean BUY, not download illegally. gotta show him my unwavering support! Lee FTW!

  2. I'll be doing that as well, amigo! :)