Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Dummy's Guide on Watching and Downloading Movies/Shows for Free

I've been getting a lot of questions as to what websites I go to whenever I want to have my Movie or TV fix.  Therefore, I compiled a list of my favorite sites where you can download or watch your favorite films and shows for free.  Here goes:  

  • Sidereel
  • TvDuck
  • Watch Movies
  • Megavideo or Z-Share:  Go to Google first, type in the name of the show and add the word megavideo or z-share in it.  Be as specific as possible (i.e. community season 1 episode 15 + megavideo).  
US shows are not that very hard to find in the Internet.  You can easily watch your favorite series a few minutes after it airs in the US.  Be warned though, some networks, especially NBC and CBS, are usually very quick on pulling off the licensing thing and immediately removing the videos online.  So watch your favorite shows STAT!

On the other hand, it's the Asian dramas and movies that are usually difficult to find.  At any rate, you'll be able to watch them (hopefully) on these sites.
  • Basically, just install a torrent client (ex. BitTorrent, uTorrent) on your PC.  There are bounds of torrent files of your favorite shows and movies out there, waiting to be downloaded, zipped, and burned on your DVDs and CDs.  Go here for more details.
  • VeryCD.  One of my favorite websites - lots of hard-to-find albums, games, educational materials, software, etc, galore!  It's like one gigantic torrent warehouse!  You have to install a program called eMule first and voila! Search and download.  Search and download.  The website is in Chinese so expect Google Translate to crash.  (Ha! I keeeeed!) You can easily navigate your way on it though and I assure you, you'll have lots of super-happy fun time here.  Go here for more in-depth tutorial.
  • Fast Movie Download
  • D-Addicts
  • AsiaTorrents
Okay, that's all.  So far, these are the sites that I frequently visit.  There are still numerous  sites out there where you'll be able to watch and download films and TV shows for free.  Just use Google and your typing skills.  A little patience always pays off.

P.S. I'm not in any way condoning piracy.  You can enjoy the videos, show them to your friends and family, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not make a profit out of them.  All of us are already cash-strapped, including the Film, TV, and Music industries - what with the economic recession and all. So making money out of something that's supposed to be free sucks and will definitely bring you bad karma, dude.  Furthermore, please show these websites your utmost support - you know, by becoming a member, frequently visiting their site, seeding, giving donations if you have lots of dough just lying around, and showing your love to them in any way possible (leaving comments, good responses, anything that would make the web owners happy).  Also, be very careful with viruses.  Those nasty little things are always lurking around.  Of course, original DVDs and CDs are always the best.  There's Amazon, YESASIA, and your favorite local record stores where you can be assured of top-most quality products.  Let's help the economy in any way we can.  

So there, I hope I've answered everyone's questions.  Again, thanks for reading! :)))


  1. hey, thank you, thank you so much! you've been very helpful. ^_^ appreciate it!

  2. wow, thanks for all the links. you are so kind! :))))