Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green is Awesome!!

Really really excited with next year's Green Lantern the Movie.  Ryan Reynolds wasn't the first person  I would imagine wearing the power ring and donning the green uniform, but he's got an aw-shuck kind of cuteness and cockiness that I'm pretty sure would make him a great Hal Jordan.  I'd like to see the Green Lantern Corp's resident douchebag Guy Gardner but unfortunately, he is not included in the movie (mope).  Carol Ferris (Hal Jordan's love interest) is played by Blake Lively and I sure hope she pulls it off because right now, I still can't picture Serena in her shiny Manolos calling the shots as a pilot administrator.  I love how the producers stayed true to Sinestro's color.  Hee!  :-) I thought they won't be able to pull it off and Sinestro would come out as a laughable, mustachioed villain with a pink glow.  But judging from the posters, I think the color does add to the character's sense of malevolence.  I'm not that familiar with Hector Hammond because my knowledge of the Green Lantern Universe is limited from what I've gotten out of watching Superfriends (wood is bad, yellow is worse) and the Justice League.  Wait, there's also that Duck Dodger cartoon where Daffy Duck inadvertently becomes a Green Lantern after picking up Hal Jordan's laundry.  (In blackest day or brightest night, watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda yadda.. LOL!! )  

Apparently, Green Lantern is not the only superhero movie that would be coming out in the next few years.  The Green Hornet movie is also slated to be shown in 2011 and Christopher Nolan would be filming the third installment of Batman soon (Woot!!!).  Fox and Marvel are also doing a gritty reboot of Spiderman (Yeah, I know.  I don't get their point either.) and they have also started filming Thor and pre-production of The Avengers.  I hope DC and Warner amp their superhero line-up soon now that the Harry Potter franchise is about to end.  There's lot of potential for Wonder Woman, Flash, and Teen Titans.  Warner also owes us another revamp of Superman after that pretentious and awful Superman Returns with the illegitimate kid.  Here's looking forward to 2011! :-)

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