Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Queen Seon Deok - Second Review

I'm now on the second DVD of Queen Seon Deok.  So that means, I'm already halfway!!! Hahaha, progress people!! :-) Geez, come to think of it, I've been missing a lot of my morning classes lately... Hmm...

So what's happening now is that after several episodes of barely escaping from the clutches of... basically everyone in Korea who wants her head, Deokman with the help of ever-loyal Lord Yushin (yay!!), Lord Alcheon, and a mysterious vagabond named Bidam, resolve to reclaim her right to the throne and destroy Mishil once and for all.  Deokman sets up an elaborate and ingenious plan involving prophecies and a solar eclipse to dupe Mishil, her cohorts, and subsequently destroy her reputation as a demi-god.  The back and forth complex power play between the two camps is nail-biting and when we see Deokman's plan triumph, we can't help but raise our fists and celebrate vicariously in the thrill of her victory.  Well, I certainly did that and I also yelled at my television screen, "Hah!! In your face Mishil, Lord Seolwon, Bojong, and all the other villains whose names I could not pronounce or remember!!!"

Nonetheless, as Spiderman would put it, "With great power comes great responsibility (sheesh, I have to stop using that quote)." And indeed, reclaiming the crown entails sacrifices for both Deokman and Yushin.  We all know by now that these two definitely love each other (Yushin's declaration of his feelings for her in the forest is sooo swoon-worthy. Hee...) but Deokman's royal responsibilities would prevent them from ever having the kind of relationship they want to have.  In her own words (now I'm close to tearing up), he won't be able to stroke her hair, hold her hand, or touch her ever again.  She also admits that every time she sees Yushin, her strength to fight for the crown wavers as she ponders perchance, the carefree and happy life they could have together had she run away with him (okay, here comes the waterworks).  In the end, Yushin decides to suppress his feelings for her and convert them into sincere loyalty and fierce devotion instead. And then they tearfully embrace one last time amidst a tender, haunting, and beautiful score.

AHHHH!!! HEART BREAK!!! I know right? This has started to become like Elizabeth but yeah, we got your point Deokman -- royal responsibilities and stuff, career before love, okay. But OMFGAAA, this is so  darn gut wrenching, utterly and devastatingly painful that I might need some anti-depressants later.  I feel like I'm watching The Notebook all over again (yeah, I'm a suckah for romance)!   My heart really bleeds for these two sad and scarred warriors. :-(

Now, I'm wondering how Yushin will be be able to suppress those feelings for so long?  Anyhow, we still have a long way to go, with 32 more episodes and I guess the inevitable love triangle between Bidam, Deokman, and Yushin will soon come up with Bidam possibly getting the upper hand (?) now that Yushin has locked his feelings inside a box (I sincerely hope he didn't throw away the key).  Sheesh, I don't like Bidam okay?  I don't care if his martial arts is kick-ass.  His perpetual smirk is annoying so I'll just call him Smirky from now on. And besides, Yushin and Deokman look better and more regal together, don't they?  Yeah, yeah I know.  I'm partial for Yushin but you just have to fall in love with a guy who'll embrace you tightly and keep you warm if you're getting the chills, who'll stake everything just to be at your side, and who's willing to sacrifice life and limb just to protect you, right?  Right?  RIGHT?  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to see what happens in the next episodes.  For now, I'll be needing another box of Kleenex (sniff).

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