Saturday, July 24, 2010

Internet Shopping

Finally, received my package from Yesasia!! Yay!! It has been several years since I've had my credit card but I'm still hesistant to purchase online.  I had a short job in American Express once and from what I've learned, the sheer number of fraudulent charges being made everyday via the internet is somewhat terrifying.  Nonetheless, Yesasia offers a wide range of traditional Asian and classical CDs that I've had my eyes on for so long.  So last week, I transferred some of my purchases from my "save for later items" to my shopping cart, and with all the bravery that I could muster, I punched in my credit card number, praying to the Heavens that no internet hacker has been snooping in on my account ready to use my credit card for some cheap internet porn or worse, for liposuction!! 

I purchased two Korean classical CDs and one Chinese classical album, taking advantage of their free shipping (nice!).  It took merely two days for the Korean CDs to be in-stock while the Chinese CD took seven days longer but I wasn't really in a hurry.  Finally, my stuff was shipped last Thursday from Hongkong and it was delivered on my doorstep after only two days!!  Talk about fast delivery!! For standard air mail, in my opinion, that was pretty quick.  So in all in all, it took me only 11 days to wait for my package.  Not bad.  Not bad at all. :-)

The CDs were in really excellent condition (they were wrapped in humongous amounts of bubble wrap, making the package fat).  There were some tiny scratches on the crystal case though, but as long as the CDs can play, I'm not complaining.  Of course, I could not understand the tracklist and the things written in each of the CD's booklet either because they were written in Korean and Chinese but that's okay.  I must also mention that the Chinese CD came in with a bookmark and from what I could deduce, has some kind of horoscope-ish things written in it.  Hmm...  Finally, I popped in my CDs in the player and it was just pure bliss listening to the music of the masters.  Nothing beats classical music from drowning away the sounds of construction and heavy drilling being made outside our house.  (It has been over a month, respected officials of the city government in charge of roads and highways and I think it would be really nice if you could speed things up.  I'm asking you nicely.  Thank you very much.)

So yeah, I'm really grateful that Yesasia has made my first online shopping fruitful, hassle-free, and not as dangerous as I thought it would be.  I'm planning to buy more stuff soon (probably some Yo-Yo Ma, Lang Lang, or some Nodame Cantabile Soundtracks which are a tad expensive).  Now, I just need to pay for that darn credit card... 

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