Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Rain!!

Could you scratch my back?  Yep, a little lower...
Whoever told me that I should watch Ninja Assassin because it was awesome can drop dead right now.  The film was total crap!!  Thank you very much for wasting almost two hours of my life!  Rain deserves better than this!!  I deserve better than this (mimicking Dwight in The Office Picnic episode)!!  Sure, you can all say that I'm a girl and I'm supposed to be grossed-out by too much blood.  Dear producers and writers, it's not the blood or the headless/armless bodies I can't stand. It's the inane storytelling and the endless flashbacks.  If I wanted flashbacks, I would watch Lost okay?  Sometimes, I'm quite opposed to the idea of Asian actors being introduced to mainstream Hollywood because they are constrained to playing stereotypical roles such as ninjas, members of the Yakuza, stupid fat Chinese guys, or basically roles that do not require them to act but just smirk.  Only a few could be as lucky as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or Chow Yun Fat but it took them YEARS before they were able to break into Hollywood.  Now, I get why the multi-talented Tony Leung refused to go mainstream.  It's not because of his pride, it was the wise thing to do. 

Now, back to Rain.  Poor guy.  If it weren't for the subtitles, I would not be able to understand a single thing he was saying.  I suppose, he's got to practice his Engrish a bit more.  I was watching TVN's (a Korean channel in cable) showbiz news the other day and I can't believe they're still agog over the fact that Rain won the 2010 MTV Movie Award's Biggest Badass.  It has been months, guys!!  They also giddily mentioned that when Rain stepped on the stage to get his award, Paris Hilton was staring fixatedly at him.  Oh gosh people, Paris stares and flirts with every guy who's not comatose in the planet.  She also sleeps with everyone.  So you shouldn't take that as a compliment, Rain.  At best, it would be smart for you to run.  

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